Reaper clear as day ducking the rematch. Completely avoiding Crank

  • Why would I duck someone that I know I will win against? Doesnt ,make sense im online wsa fixing my connection for the fight because we all know how you are with these " excuses "

  • @itzcrank Crank i would not be scared of someone i beat so comfortably. You won 3 rounds in a 15 round fight and i knocked you down around 3 times. I almost knocked you down a couple more. I dont understand your logic Crank.
    At least you understand how i feel when i am accused of ducking when i am busy. You little punk ass bitch. You aint fought since i ruined you and your rubbish style lol.

  • you gets no respect from me until you can beat me twice in a row because you never did that I've beaten you 12 times in a row lol I mean come on now your all hyped up over one win? you only beat fatny once and never beat him twice in a row. So you know you cant do the same with me so I applaud you for running shit I would run too if I had your skills and win 1 match against me lol

  • @itzcrank lol Crank i have beaten you numerous times lets be honest i am way ahead on the H2H with your alts included. Dont compare yourself to Fatny Crank. Your just a unpredictable spammer and i proved my point.

  • I am online now come online.

  • Crank you need to fix your connection if your going to fight people dude. You skipped me and you luck hooked me to get a KO. At least i showed i have your number now. You was losing that fight kid. Until next time ;) . P.S. Belts dont really mean anything mate so dont be afraid to defend it against me.

  • @Reaper He'll defend it against you but you're well known for not giving rematches. But that being said, Crank won't defend against people who have a heart beat. John would take his titles away if he wanted to.

  • @Faker hahah yeah he would lose all the titles.
    I will rematch of course. Crank just hurt that i have spoilt his style now

  • @itzcrank Disappointed in you Crank. You care so much for the titles but you just cant be a proper champ. I am ready to fight today at anytime. @faker you need to start fighting and stop waiting in the lobby

  • @Faker am i avoiding crank now? i just took both belts kids. Stay humble and stop spamming lol.

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