Dear @Reaper

  • I'ma just go right out and say it. I think you have had a incredible career in the online boxing community, and there is no doubt about that. You beat Hof's you lost to HOF's and you don't take no shit from people thats why I respect you and the way you box.

    But anyways I am here today to call you OUT OF RETIREMENT. And I know you wouped my candy ass like 10 times but I was just recently came out of retirement then. That ass wouping I took from you motivated me to hit to gym none stop,i wake up in the morning at 3 am to jog for 3 hours, I just couldn't sleep at night, I had dreams of that asswouping I need to revenge myself. That pushed me to be better and I thank you for that. That asswouping made me come back into my prime shape. And Once I got back into shape I realized something...... YOU ARE NOT EVEN ON MY LEVEL And I think Im way better than you but I give you credit you have wouped my ass fresh out of my retirement....... I got some more fights under my resume, beating Faker for OBC champ defending vs terminator and The sniper Im on a vicious streak.

    Since you are so good, why not come out of retirement to solidfy your greatness, OBC champion vs OBA champion thats what everyone wants to see so it can grow the online boxing community.

    Ill give you 3 shots at my belt
    I only want one shot at yours.

    And if you win no excuses You can retire and I will say you was a better boxer but if I win you must give me a shot at your title.

    I'll give you time to put down all the donuts and the cheeseburgers so you can hit the gym cause I know how retirement is.
    All I want is one fight at least will you take my challenge? Or are you a coward?

  • @itzcrank @Reaper

    Styles make fights

  • hi crank challenge accepted. What time? and when? i am free today.

  • Im online the rest of today come to forum and message me whenever ill b in lobby

  • @itzcrank your reign was short. I put a stop to that bybeating you for the OBA title. Let me know when your ready to bang again mate. Faker seems to be ducking you and me too lol. Seems like hes a real faker. He wont defend his belt against anyone that can beat him too lol.
    You new guys just aint consistent. Good ol retired reaper kicking ass

  • You will now need to fight Sniper lol

  • Very good fights Reap. A true champ.

  • @thesniper lol you came offline so quick after that ko win lol

  • @Reaper I learned that from the best LOL

  • @Reaper You got beat by Crank and it disconnected. Don't be trying to suck up to Crank. You're a bum. I destroy you.

  • @Faker why dont you fight you bum? your losing to people and not defending your title

  • @thesniper haha that sucked dude how lame. I dont do that mate.

  • @Faker defend your belt you little bitch. you been losing a lot lately and not defending

  • @Reaper who the fuck are you calling a little bitch, you absolutely suck. You can't beat anyone, you're a fucking walk-through. Never beaten Crank on a decision, you can't box to save your life. You're a fucking 7k fight bum journeyman and I genuinely think toosmooth beats you easy.

  • @Faker Hey faker dont get mad bro. Its just facts. Your a paper champ

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