Reaper new OBA champ

  • Since HTF has not defended for more than one month, Reaper is now champ of OBA.

  • Hey mikkel i appreciate this but i am retired now so you should give the belt to someone else. Thanks man.

  • I just dont have it anymore and i dont have much time for this game either. I cant knock people out like i use to either. Once your power goes thats it.
    I had a good run and became one of the most feared punchers in my prime. I also fought and won against almost all of the Hall of famers.
    I retired on top though so i am happy with that. I will check in every now and again though.
    Please pass my belt onto terminator608

  • @Reaper Edit:

  • ay im back yall I fixed my connection i had a virus on my cp and I got it off it runs alot smoother if anyone wants to fight just message me or faker and he will tell me to come online.
    Me vs faker had smooth action back to back non stop classic fights feel like old times :) And no skips

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