Calling out Phenom/HTF/The Crank 2/Labratory/Unstoppable

  • The title says it all.

  • Ive beaten all those guys. Your around 10 years too late Faker but good try. If you started fighting a bit more then maybe more people would come on.

  • @Reaper listen bitch i'm always online, you know where to find me you know where to @ me. I'll keep racking up wins and you just don't like it because you know that i'm one of the best there is. Tell me ONE person who's done it in the time I did. There's none. I'm the most efficient player to ever play this game. Fuck all that shit you guys have thousands of fights I must be one of the best.

  • @Reaper Every single one of them is leading on you in H2H.

  • No you just sit there and dont fight. You pick and choose your fights too which is why your a paper champ. I will be retiring again soon because i can barely get any fights on here now.

  • @Reaper I gave you title shots and you can't even beat me in 15 rounds! I don't pick and choose my fights, if you're online and i'm at my desk i'll fight you simple. I'm not ducking anyone, you just have to catch me at the right time~?

  • @Reaper I figured you'd end up running

  • @Faker lol looking at your previous comment made me laugh. I guess i did beat you over 15 rounds boy. I have had to sort something out at home so i could not come back online straight away. I am coming back online now.

  • @Faker Just beat you 3 times over 15 rounds. I think i have proven my point.

  • @Faker And for the record i am leading ahead of Labratory by 1 win :)

  • if this game is semi active I might come outta retirement fr, I haven't played this since I was like 10 years old lmao, but some one help me how do you start this I downloaded the game and java?

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