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    This is NOT official, but it has basically been a staple in the way title fights have been handled in OB for years.

    1. If an established champion loses the title, he gets an immediate rematch if he wants it.

    -If the former champion loses the rematch, then the new champion reserves the right not to defend it again immediately. He won the title, and retained it vs the former champion. The new champion is CLEARLY the new champion.

    -If the former champion wins the rematch, then he still reserves the right to not defend it immediately vs the person he just lost and won it back from. HOWEVER, it is the respectful thing to settle the dispute in a trilogy. Regardless of whether you lost the title to a random KO unexpectedly, then won the rematch through dominance. You are 1-1 and it is respectful to settle it to determine who deserves the title.

    *again, this is not official, just the way it has been for years in OB.

    A couple of other notes:

    -If you plan to log on and fight for the title, you SHOULD expect to fight a couple of fights. Not log on, suddenly win the title by KO, and then say you have to go. We can all say "ah, it is JUST a game", but in reality it is frustrating.

    -If you log on, win the title, and then successfully defend it immediately vs the former champion, you don't have to defend it against them agaim immediately. Some will pressure you into only defending the title vs them 2, 3, 4 times so that hopefully they can get a win.

    In conclusion, when it comes to the title, just set out to prove you are the better fighter that day or part of the day.

    This is just "traditional" stuff, none of these are "set" rules because it is impossible right now to expect everyone to follow them. This just lets you guys know of what's respectful and what is not.

    EDIT: added by Mikkel

    Since this question comes up alot:
    Here are the rules for title matches as it is today

    1. A fight can only be considered a title defense if the contender is in the top 20
    2. A champion that doesn't defend within 8 days will be stripped and the vacant title will be given to the highest ranked fighter.
    3. If you are given a vacant title you have 24 hours to defend it..after your first defense you have 8 days

    Hope this clears things up.
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  • I think 8 days is plenty of time.

  • Thanks for clearing this up Mikkel. Glad this post is still available.

  • @Mikkel strip reaper, I gave him too many chances to defend his belt after beating me. He did it before and I didn't say nothing. But I beat him 12 straight times and he beat me once, and he ran with the belt again the second time. I usually don't complain about it but enough is enough

  • He doesnt give me a rematch, I didn't know people still do this so I would love a strip from the champ .

  • @itzcrank Lol Crank i am going to rematch you. Give me a chance kid. I told you i aint got the time tonight. You fought a good fight but you need to go back to the drawing bored with your style

  • Nop your over here talking in chat I got toos and faker here while u boast on chat, you all of the sudden dont have time. Its ok when I get the champ back you won't be getting 3+ title shots like you used too.

  • @itzcrank Crank you will get a shot dont worry kid. I just derailed your hype train.

  • Still no shot mikkel just rip this dude enough is enough this game is so old he still playing this dumb ass shit to piss people off just the That fat boy knocked your ass out in real life and ran and ate donuts afterwards faggot

  • @itzcrank Hey kid chill out lol

  • Still no rematch thats sad mate you accomplished one thing is that you made me mad by running with the champ but you took my kindness as a weakness, which is no more your not getting all these title shots if u cant even give me a fucking rematch after u lose one time. And you said you want to be a hall a famer? Please Holy shit you should be in the walk of shame as one of obs biggest busts you fucker loser. And not to mention im ahead by 6 fights boi no way your catching up now

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