Faker and Crank Fallen from grace

  • You both just lost to little white and big white looool! . You both ducking me too. You both are not defending your belts also. Crank should not have his belt and neither should Faker. You both suck.

  • @itzcrank Knocked ya ass out bitch. Sit down. Knocked out in the first round.

  • @Reaper Lmaoo how?

  • @Faker he got caught cold! knocked out in the first round even with his lag/skipping. When are you going to fight me Faker? little bitch.
    The last thing to leave any great champion is his power so you need to be careful with the Reaper otherwise it will be good night.
    Crank did not respect my power and got cocky then he got caught.

  • @Reaper Guess it was another freeze KO xD

  • @Faker No it wasnt actually. Crank got caught cold. His excuse was "i pressed the wrong button" but that is all it takes with Reaper. I hook koed him. ironically that is his favourite ko punch.
    He then declined to do a unification match with me.

  • @Reaper Just surprised you beat him. Kudos if it was legit but 1st round KO seems suspicious

  • @Faker Ask crank himself . I even offered a rematch but he knew he may get koed again. Lets fight right now. Il go online.

  • alt text

    Lets fast forward! after the fight once he gets his ass beat , This is why I dont comment on reaper anymore.

    After he gets his ass beat once again

    alt text

    He leaves and runs like a bitch, So Im done commenting on ducking reaper, and oh it didnt lag one bit at all. Best smooth fight we had he ducks oba classic reaper boi :)

  • @itzcrank I dont run bitch. Your frustrating because you lag/skip every fight. It gives you a massive advantage because i cant react quick enough when you spam because your slowing me down. Just remember who knocked you out in the first round a few fights ago lol

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