Black Power you loser

  • You lagged our fights and ran off. Your reign will be short lived and i will knock you out in the next match. I will enjoy it too.

  • Lmao looks like he's getting good if he can beat you twice for your belt. You still owed me a rematch too but i'll let it go since i'm close to retiring.

  • Faker you really have no room to talk. You've been hiding for weeks and now "close to retiring." You guys and your retiring BS is laughable - like we are supposed to give a shit? And "we" meaning the 2 active players who actually play regularly. You both defend your belts against only those you know you can beat and are mysteriously unavailable when others come on. You are both all talk and no action.

  • @thesniper You clown you just said you were going fucking on holiday and now you're complaining? Whatever the fuck happened to that? Plus why are you questioning my activity when you come on once every blue moon? If I decide to come on i'll be on, I have made it clear to Crank and John that i'm no longer trying to keep this game alive, if you're online and you catch me online, i'll fight you. I don't have as much free time as you think, if i'm idle that's just my client open trying to keep this game alive, but as I said. I'm done with doing that. I no longer keep the OB client open 24-7.

  • Faker I was on holiday. That was 2 weeks ago. I don't come on once in every blue moon, I'm on pretty often.

  • @thesniper I agree him and Crank suck. They pick and choose. Then they pad a huge streak but they cant sustain it because their styles are high risk styles and ultimately they end up getting koed then they lose their streak

  • @Reaper He's talking about you too ya idiot

  • @Faker no he isnt. Hes talking about you and Crank. That was quite easy to see when i sent requests to you and you declined them and stated you was playing a game. You then said you would be half a hour before you could play and asked me to wait. So i waited but you still did not bother to accept so i left but before i left i whooped black faker a couple of times because he had some balls.

    Crank was also going on his alts and spectating people instead of fighting. I sent various challenges to him also. I think you both dont want to fight certain fighters out of fear of losing your titles or streaks. Ironically you end up losing to lesser competition because your cherry picking.

    Both of you have recently lost titles due to cherry picking gone wrong! haha


    Sit down, Be humble

    Last 10 fights yikes, Looks like I'm doing the defending with the belt and you're just hiding.
    Reaper boi, don't talk shit to me because if I faught you 100 times I would win 99 times. And the one time you would win, I would feel so sorry for your ass making these excuses from yourself getting your ass wouped EVERY SINGLE MATCH, so I would make you feel better in life .. Ik Ik im just that nice :) Its ok to acknowledge you're not in my league when it comes to Ob.
    And Sniper clearly is talking about you Reaper boi, You are the only person in ob history to constantly lose and claim that same old excuse that your retired when you fight every other day for the past 8 months. Sorry Reaper boi .. Yea I'm calling you Reaper boi from now on because everytime you lose you will make up an excuse like a little ass boy.

  • @itzcrank il kick ya ass when your ready crank. Get off your alts and face me.

  • I keep missing you. Don't run your mouth in the chat. I thought we had a talk about this.

  • @Faker Lets go bitch. Im online now or you gonna duck me like crank

  • @Faker Ducked me like crank. If your not going to fight then dont come online you fool

  • @Reaper You better stop talking. I swear you always logout when I check the chat and all I see is you talking shit. Just learn to keep your mouth shut or i'll bust your lips and shut it for you.

  • @Faker your the biggest ducker in the game.

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