Faker holding the belts hostage

  • Faker is not defending his belts against Tartan or The Sniper or Me.
    He is holding the belts hostage and blaming a lack of sleep for him not defending.
    He also is saying he does not trust me to give him a rematch even though i have done in the past. Faker you have fallen from grace.

  • Faker is going to defend his belts against Tartan

  • Just challenged Faker and he declined to fight me in OBF. Afte telling me he was going to fuck me up loool.


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  • Thanks for being a jackass reaper. both fights froze and he kod me. no response from my keyboard. then he ran off. go watch the fights yourself. coward.

  • @thesniper Hey you fought me the second fight and you was coming forward.
    I have to go now Sniper. Fight Faker tonight. He will be up because he has Insomnia.
    I will fight you tomorrow mate.

  • Its not your fault. im having technial issues. yes i came forward but you knocked me down with a jab 20 seconds into the fight and i didnt get up. that would be a sign something is wrong. Ill get you next time... but that was clearly not a real win.

  • @thesniper 2 KO1's. Reaper's a downer, you beat him fair and square and he has to take advantage of you. And you give this guy respect

  • @Faker Dude everyone needs to respect everyone. Stop taking things personally and being a child about it. Just fight dude. You been avoiding the top 5 for a while now Faker and losing to contenders. If you fought the best then you would have higher streaks and you wouldnt lose to me or sniper or Toosmooth.
    Your time is up which isnt a bad thing dude. Everyone has there prime and i think you have just moved past your prime. Hey my prime was over 10 years ago and i have still fought on and off throughout the years. I am only at 25% because my reaction time isnt very good at the moment and i cant knock people out like i use to. So now i have adjusted my style to a more boxing style which is working for me.

  • Faker only won 2 rounds in a 15 round fight! loool. I see why hes ducking a unification match with me.


  • Now Faker is blaming the Flu and being tired.


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