It's funny

  • I actually timed Reaper, I was in my league game and he stayed online for exactly 43 seconds lol.
    So he stays online for 3 hours when he doesn't have a title and wants a title shot. But when he owes you a rematch, he'll stay online for 43 seconds. Please strip this complete monkey looking dwarf @mikkel @administrators @admin
    And his picture should be removed from the background.

  • @Faker Lol Faker if i kick the fuck out ya again will you shut the fuck up kid?

  • Sure do it then

  • @Faker I just did i kicked the fuck out of you. I won most rounds and knocked you out. now shut up kid! and go cry somewhere since i took your favourite belt.

  • @Reaper Anyone can win a belt. You ducked the immediate rematch and only came on when you felt like you were gonna get stripped. You never get defenses against good fighters.

  • @Faker I ducked the immediate rematch because you ducked my rematch and ran off with your lucky ko win after i was kicking the fuck out of ya.
    Again i proved i can outbox you. Your only chance with me is to get a lucky ko or to spam power shots and hope to land one.
    I know everyone can win a belt so stop trying to get me stripped you little kid.
    I have defended against better opposition than you so dont be silly kid.
    I was never afraid of being stripped because i knew i could beat you.

  • @Reaper defend it then, you're not a real champion. You lose the belt right after you try to defend it. The only person who you can defend it against is toosmooth and even he gives you problems. I haven't even went to sleep yet i'm pulling an all nighter but I fought you because you'll disappear and hide and only fight toosmooth. AKA paper champ. Can't defend against any good fighters. You're not entitled to a rematch when the champ beats you. Dumbass.

  • @Faker Dude i just defended it against you and beat the fuck out ya. I had you crying to your moma.
    Dude you still refuse to learn the fundamentals of this game and learn how to box. Its easy to spam some buttons on a controller and hope to get a ko.
    That is why your so inconsistent and very one dimensional. I use my jab, distance, combinations and power shots wisely. You cant even beat me on 25%. My reaction time has gone because i am not the same fighter i use to be anymore and i am still enough to beat you.

  • @Reaper I beat you with insomnia. You did a mandatory defence against me after ducking the immediate defence. You won't stay champ for long, everyone knows you talk the most bullshit on this game. Pathetic old man.

  • @Faker loool well i just beat you twice so stfu bitch haha

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