Strip Reaper running off after 1 win

  • @thesniper I just don't think i'm good enough to beat him 100% of the time. He'll eventually get a win if he keeps fighting me. But I mean no one is really good enough to beat people 100% of the time... Everyone has bad days and everyone has good days. It's all about consistency

  • @thesniper I also realized your style gives Reaper a lot of problems, he can't deal with pressure

  • hahaha Faker you have gotten lucky the last 5 fights because i have been up on the cards every time boxing your head off but you get a lucky kds or KO. I have your number unless i get caught with a lucky shot. I proved i can beat you so many times and i finally got the win i deserve. You koed me when i was AFK then you got a lucky KO when i was winning. Then you didnt rematch me straight away then you gave me some crap. You ran off with the lucky ko win. So i am doing the same you stupid teenager.

  • @Reaper You ran after 1 win, there's no such thing as luck. But there is running after 1 win. You'll never be a real champ. Just a 7k bum journeyman who's inconsistent.

  • @Faker Your inconsistent, you been lucky to tko me while i have boxed your head off. I kicked the fuck out ya last fight bitch.

  • @thesniper are you sure about that Sniper?

  • Faker just backed out of a unification match with me.


  • Go and fight @thesniper
    You can do it lil champ. How tall are you? 5'6?

  • @Faker Poor Faker needs his sleep lool. #PAPERCHAMP

  • @Faker Your ok to fight Toosmooth 7 times but not me? loool

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