Waiting for Reaper's post

  • Gonna predict that this little fucker's gonna post something

  • @Faker haha i dont need to, you ran off with the win but we all do it sometimes. I am still thinking about retirement though due to a lack of competition.

  • @Reaper You can retire for the minute if i'm beating you with insomnia.... But yeah when people come back there'll be more competition. Just have to push them to get on the discord so they don't disappear for good

  • @Faker il whoop ya ass tomorrow. Your just a spamming, slugger that is unpredictable and has an advantage because you use controller. That isnt sustainable dude, you got to learn to box.

  • @Reaper Don't really think it's an advantage. Just a preference. When I was younger I liked playing all games with my pad so that's how I played OB... Plus you can only outbox me when i'm very tired, fight me mid day and you'll see what i'm about. And even if you do outbox me, what does it matter if you get KTFO.

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