No mas Reaper

  • Reaper quit. He exit and ran after I was giving him a beat down. Funny how you and Sniper both go missing after winning a title... The amount of shots I give you monkeys and you won't even risk giving me one shot?? Defend the belt against me like a real champ LIKE i've done against you COUNTLESS times. You guys aren't real champs @thesniper @Reaper

  • @Faker hey dude i just dont have the time lol. I gave you a shot yesterday after taking your belt. Whats your beef? I was online earlier but you wasnt online. I defended it a few times thanks.

  • @Reaper What are you talking about. You get 2 wins out of 24 fights and you never wanna fight again? You're not a real champ - you haven't logged in once today don't talk out of your ass. Don't talk shit.

  • @Faker dude just look at the main page lool. I beat the guy that whooped ya ass 4 times, you bum! lool

  • @Reaper Okay, you have time to post but you don't have time to fight? By the way, that same bum beat you 6 times out of 24 fights and only beat me 5 times out of 85 fights?

    alt text
    alt text

  • @Reaper ALSO... Black Power = Ken Norton who has also been competitive against you. You have more losses in less fights.

    alt text
    alt text

  • Just get online and stop ducking me, I give you as many shots as you want but you avoid me like the plague.

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