Faker why delete your thread?

  • You said i ran away after beating you once lol. why delete the thread now ? ;)


  • First Fight up by 11 rounds and Knocked you out.


  • 2nd fight - up by 10 rounds and i knocked you out in the 14th


  • I got receipts bitch so dont come for me on the forum mauahahaha. Sleep easy prince @faker

  • @Reaper Lol right when you gained my respect you just lost it. I'm gonna destroy you and Sniper the next time you are both on. Keep the belts warm @Reaper @thesniper

    You got me today and Sniper got me yesterday. Took you guys about 10+ tries each. Well done though 👏👏👏

    Plus don't lecture me about being able to box when you get 2 wins out of 22 fights. As I've said before - you D level fighters will flourish in the glory of being able to beat me once or twice - but you're quiet when i'm beating you guys back to back.

    PS. alt text

  • @Faker haha. Just remember the last 3 times you beat me. 1 was a lucky KO and the other two were by split decision. I told you back then i had your number so just remember that lool.

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