Calling out Salvador Sanchez

  • Toosmooth says you're a murderer. I'm gonna put you on trial. Lets fight.

  • @Faker He hasnt played in years (11 yrs) Faker. He was a good fighter. I had the pleasure of playing with him and defeating him a few times in my prime but he still managed to get some good wins on me. His last victory was actually John funny enough lool.
    Faker i think your just in the wrong ERA. I do hope for you that this game picks up at some point because it seems quite important to you.

  • @Reaper Thank you Reaper. The same way the game is important to John the game is important to me. It is like a passing of the torch. But yeah it is a little surprising that he was able to shutout John on the cards like that @Reaper

  • @Faker Not surprising at that time because of the ERA. It was highly competitive. Yourself and John unfortunately were in the downside of the new ERAs.
    There is always a question mark on John because of his competition likewise that will always be your problem. Probably more so now because less people play.

  • @Reaper There is no question mark on John, lol. Those that have been around to compare know John held his own and should be held in the same regard as the other HOFers. No doubt. Sal beat John when he had only been playing a few months. That doesn't say much.

  • @thesniper Give me some names kid?
    The real test is Fatny and unfortunately John could never dominate Fatny.
    All the other veterans were retired and did not play very often.
    John fought the following people for the last 10 years: Crank, Faker, The Sniper, Catfish and Chopper81, Vicious, Dick E Boon, Nigel Benn etc. All contenders by the way.
    Only veteran was Fatny and you have to give him props for being able to beat Fatny.
    Then he was elected in the HOF.
    Only John and Nigel have question marks due to a lack of competition but i think its naturally happened so its not their fault.

  • @Reaper Honestly can't believe you're talking some sense for once...

    John is definitely a worthy HOFer... One of the best in fact. Top 5 definitely. The only problem with John was that he needed a lot of time to warm up and get to his prime. But damn when he was in his prime he was really disgusting. Fatny came back on for a short period - won all 3 belts - beat up everyone and completely dominated John. The thing is if Fatny was an active player - John would struggle immensely to get even a single win off him. (But who wouldn't)

    I feel like a previous hall of famer shouldn't be able to come back on after being inactive for so long and dominate his supposed 'Rival'. But the fact that John has competitive wins against Fatny says it all - also he has the most title defenses in OB history.

    You can't judge him based off the fact that he couldn't dominate Fatny - no one could dominate Fatny lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Thesniper now this post makes sense

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