Reigning OBC champ

  • Little reapy tried to snatch the belt. but he ain't know who I am. When i'm focused I can beat anyone. Lets go @King-John @HTF

    I'll also make Reaper retire, he's washed up. @Reaper

    And a message to my young guns NVTT and Crank. Lets get it on mofo's. Bout to beat the brakes off everybody

  • hahaahaha

  • 3 - 2 to me mate. I defended my belt twice against you after winning it :) . I hope one day you become a champ mate.
    I would not recommend you unifying the belts because your too inconsistent and to be quite frank you probably couldnt anyway.

  • @Reaper I WANT YOU.

  • @Faker I am online but you dont seem to be fighting. You just seem to be losing to John without you giving john a shot at your title. It looks bad that you get shots at the OBF belt and you cant give a shot back of yours.
    Dont go online if your not going to fight because you just look like a ducker

  • @Reaper You always on too late. I sleep early and get up early. I wake up at 5am sleep at 8pm. Catch me within those time frames and you got yourself fights. I'll give John a title shot, he always refuses. I prefer that he takes the title so I can fight you without your G2G BULLSHIT.

  • @Reaper Well i'm no longer the OBC CHAMPION. If you want the belt you have to get it from the young boy Crank. In the mean time, we can go back to me whooping your ass 10 times in a row.

  • @Faker Dont go online then mate thats my point. Why would you AFK when your sleeping?
    Doesnt surprise me you losing the belt because your very inconsistent.

  • @Reaper get back online you bitch

  • @Reaper stay online for a bit, we all about to come online

  • Now the belt has came back to me lol

  • @Reaper Lol nice wins with that lagg. Cheese champ

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