Well done to Sniper

  • @thesniper you did good those fights. Fair play to you. You beat me, but i'm ending you the next time I see you.

  • Always enjoy our fights. Best of luck to you :)

  • you been ducking me faker

  • @Reaper I just beat you black and blue for 15 rounds. Case closed.

  • @Faker you beat me via split decision dude and did not rematch after a close fight. We call that a paper champ.

  • @Reaper I always beat you by split because the first judge favors you, you throw so many retarded punches. There's a reason I completely dominate on judge 2/3. A split decision isn't even close. You got murdered.

  • @Reaper You even beat John on Judge 1 sometimes. But the fact of the matter is you have no defense. You're not dangerous at all so you deal no damage. You gotta go for broke Reaper, any pure boxer beats you even on your best day.

  • @Faker Wow dude a lot of replies there. You obviously know your a paper champ dude which is fine. You only beat me by 4 rounds in a 15 round fight with one lucky knockdown. We was level going into the 10th round and i took the 15th round on all judges cards. numbers dont lie dude. I like how you were given a shot at the obf title and was beaten by John but did not give him a shot at your OBC title either.


  • As i said its ok to be a paper champ faker but just own it dude. If you didnt want to fight because you was afraid of losing then just admit to it.

  • @Reaper You lose by UD if you weren't desperate for the KO in the 15th round. Who are you fooling. Numbers don't lie. (133-133) (135-130) (135-130).

  • @Faker its a split decision because you lost on a judges scorecard dude. I have the proof in the screenshot you fool lol. We were tied with all judges in the 10th round 95-95.
    You just came online and logged straight off when you saw me online and ready to fight you. Dude you can keep up the ducking just to keep the title but eventually you will lose because your just not that good.
    Do you want to explain why you didnt give John a shot at your belt since you got a shot at his?

  • @Reaper He has different goals. @King-John
    And I love how you look deep into the fight where you got your ass beat. You got out-played, out smarted. Down on 2 judges. Look at the final score card you chump.

  • @Faker dude get on your main and fight me. Its obvious its you lol. why duck me? your pathetic mate

  • @Reaper That's toosmooth mate.

  • @Reaper You're easy work, I could knock you out if I really wanted to. You need to step your game up if you're getting dominated by me. I'm still in my development stages and i'm beating you black and blue.

  • @Faker I am online now. lets go. You keep ducking me. If its so easy then lets go

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