Reaper Defeats John

  • John good fight dude. Lucky for you the server jammed but good fight

  • Fix your connection next time we fight. Change that topic to John Defeats Reaper....Again.
    And again. And again. And again. And again.

  • @King-John Dude my connection is fine now. You scraped a split decision and i was beating you. I have the same MS you had when i fought you on the European server. No excuses now mate. my MS is playable. You going to run? I am online now and ready to go

  • 0_1539991941186_upload-40db6b89-1393-440f-8a6a-ec7f00bda446 ![alt text](image url)

  • You scraped it by 1 point on the other card too. I am here now and ready to rematch Mr.Champ. Lets go. I know how to beat you John.

  • @King-John I also would like to point out. We have had to fight you on your shitty connection for some time now Jonny boy. im at 130ms which is playable

  • 0_1539993865567_20181019_192542.jpg

  • 0_1539993957748_20181019_192727.jpg

  • 160ms to 200ms. Yeah i waited until you fixed your ping connection. Your ping should be a 90 like Fakers.

  • Cant see your shit screenshots bitch.

  • @faker get your bitch she's off the leash.

  • @King-John @Reaper come here bitch come here, you've been barking a bit too much. That's a good girl. You deserve a bone. Who's a good Reapy? Who's a good Reapy? Good girl. Sit

  • @Faker I would take you out and take your belt and you know this bitch.

  • @Reaper You wouldn't do shit. I'll knock you out in the 3rd round chump

  • @Reaper Everyone you've fought recently you've lost to. You're on a losing streak, the only person you can beat is Toosmooth. Look at your matches, you're a bum Reaper, I beat your ass twice after you scuffed my title with early KO's. Brutalized you for 12 rounds bitch.

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