I'm back. We need a US based server

  • Hello everyone - been a long time. My first fight in 4 years I won a title. But I'll tell you, living in the US the game is almost unplayable on this server, and certainly isn't "fun."

    A lot of players are alienated with the current server. I'm in an almost unplayable ping at 170ms. Having the current server with a US option would be really helpful.... is there any way this can happen Mikkel? I tried to launch my own but couldn't figure out how to. I'm sure if it's a funding issue, there would be enough of us to pool together and contribute to make it happen. Sounds like John can barely play either due to his ping, so we are limiting who can play the game.

  • Hello Sniper ! Well so far the best place for everyone was in US. Let me see what I can do.

  • Thank you for considering it. Let us know if we can help in any way

  • If it's a funding issue we can all definitely chip in

  • New York server was pretty good. UK had 80-90ms. Everyone had good ping. I don't know about the prices and such.

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