NEW PLAYER: Lil HedgeHog

  • Hi guys I'm actually coming from the 3D Boxing community because I wanted to give this game a try see some new faces. I have never played so I will definitely get swamped. But I hope to see some of you soon. I was a former Amateur Champion on 3D Boxing so once I get decent on here and win some fights I hope to win a title. is there any tips or advice you have for me? Also what days are the servers most populated? Thanks Guys! <3

  • What's up. Tips i would say to figure out the controls. Figure out all of the punches, blocks, and slips. Learn the distances for each punch. 2D is vastly different from 3D. Not as many punches. You'll likely lose a lot. Don't let that discourage you. A lot of these guys fought thousands of fights. Best time to play probably 4-7 est any day really.

  • @King-John Wow it's an honor. I've heard all about you. I just want to say thanks for taking the time to respond. What I'm probably going to do is make a 2nd account probably called Lil HedgeHog2 and go through trial and error and once I get consistent I'll go back to my main account. But I do know it's going to take time so I'll be patient. Thanks John!

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