White Devil's Notice

  • Putting every black fighter on notice. That goes for many of you... The following players will be eliminated by the White Devil.
    Emile [RTD2]
    Black Power [RTD3]
    Ken Norton [KO1]
    toosmooth [RTD3]
    Thunder Thumpson [RTD1]
    That Dude [RTD4]
    Black Faker [RTD4]
    Kobe Bryant [RTD4]

  • @White-Devil Faker we know this is you mate. I fought you and beat you earlier. You fight exactly like faker (spamming, moving up and down, stupid slip jabs etc). Faker stop being afraid of losing and just go on your account. Your moving further away from being a legit HOF. Last one was Fatny. Cant believe that was 12 years ago lol @faker
    Also your the only person that stays online for long periods of time :) . You have been online for like 5 hours by yourself and your the only one that does that.

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