@mikkel Bring Back Singleplayer? :)

  • Hey All, it's been a long time since I played this game, I decided to come back and bring a friend! @Foggy is a super fast Typist I met and I think he can bring a lot to this game once he learns the ropes, if you see him around Let's give him a good chance to get his career started. I was really missing SinglePlayer, when I can't find anyone online in the servers ready to fight, Is there any way at all to bring Back SinglePlayer? I don't care if we have to download a specific .zip file game just for Singleplayer? I am desperate for Singleplayer. Haha, I use to really enjoy it back in the day to brush up on my skills and learn new techniques that would sometimes help turn the fight in my Favor. Nice to See You Guys Again. :-) Heyyy, I'm not on Dailup Anymore for those of you that Remember me! Hahaha

  • Did you try retro-ob?

  • @Mikkel Found the link, but is there a way to download the old version of ob2d with singleplayer mode availability?

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