one 12 rounder and reapy gets a bit excited

  • @Reaper Hell no you can keep the title, that's the only way you can win it. With 1 fight.

  • @Faker Ok i will rematch you Faker even though i dont have to.

  • @Faker Good fight faker you beat me via tko in the 15th. I was actually up on all the cards but i thought i was losing so i took some stupid risks that cost me the fight. I hope i proved my point. Your not quite there yet to be top 10 in anything.
    You have opened my eyes to how much of a loser i have been on this game. So with that being said i am retired in definitely now and no more comebacks and no more taking titles off noobs. Your ok Faker but your not good. Good fights

  • @Reaper I wanna fight John, you act too shady when it's for a title.

  • @Reaper I beat you with your 140 ping. Fuck out of here with your lucky wins. Good fight though, lots of knock downs. I knew you were ahead on the cards. You have a bad gauge of telling the score, it tells me that YOU are actually the one who throws random punches. I'm the new and talented player who's got higher IQ than you so I beat you when I want to.

  • @Faker Faker your delusional but i am not going to bother with you anymore as it isnt fair beating on nobs and making them feel like crap. This game takes too much time too. I came back and beat you and that was my objective. Good luck with it all Faker.

  • @Reaper I'm one of the best. I'm a rising talent, a prospect John says. And the fact that this early on i'm beating so called 'legends' with ease over 15 rounds just shows how incredible I really am.

  • @Reaper I'm the best and you're not even good enough to be in my shadow. You're a washed up vet who relies on lagg to win fights. You're a bum and I proved it. Just look at your profile. You'll be branded as the bitch who retired after getting fucked up by Faker.

  • @Reaper Just look at all of that beautiful COLOUR RED on your profile. Retire like a bitch, I just made a BLOODY mess out of your profile. Painted your profile with blood.

  • @Reaper Just the same way I slaughtered you in that ring. I'm the BUTCHER OF OB.

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