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Messages posted by: Goldenboy.
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140 – Josh Harley (Academie Sportive, 4-1) v. Xavier Langley (JKS, 5-0) ** 140 lb title**

155 – Francis Paquette (Ness Martial, 4-2) v. Eric Girard (Ronin MMA, 3-2) ** #1 contender fight for 155 lb title

155 – Monica Genest (Academie Sportive, 0-0) v. Jordan Felix (One on One, 0-0)

170 – Nabil Kader (Academie Sportive, 0-1) v. John Wilson (Take the Risk MMA, 0-0)

170 – Johan Cuevas (Academie Sportive, 0-1) v. TBA

145 – Meroune Ghalmi (Thai Long Muay Thai, 1-1 v. TBA

135 – Kevin Legris (McGowan’s MMA, 1-1) v. Eric Turgeon (Sparmax, 0-3)
150 – Joe Elliot (Big Country MMA, 0-0) v. Luke Gavin (Toronto BJJ, 0-1)
165 – Tyler Sands (Martial Arts Planet, 0-0) v. Pema Dorji (Toronto BJJ, 1-0)
155 – Stephen Oppong (McGowan’s MMA, 0-1) v. Patrick Sauriol (Team R-Way, 0-1)
140 – Jesse Monette (JKS, 1-1) v. Xavier Langley (Take the Risk MMA, 0-0)
170 – Alex Punin (Xtreme Couture, 0-0) v. Olivier Althot (Sparmax, 2-0)
200 – Steve Bikram (Ronin MMA, 0-0) v. TBA

185 – Mike McKenna (Martial Arts Planet, 1-0) v. Donald Emerson (Toronto BJJ, 0-0)

200 – Chris Cleveland (McGowan’s MMA, 1-1) v. John Byrd (Big Counrty MMA)

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot I did for the fight. My opponent is a brown belt in judo and a very good wrestler. It is going to be a war!

ill fight
won my fight in the 2nd round by TKO

Nearly got my head taken clean off my shoulders by an elbow about 15 seconds into the first round.

instantly made my eye swell closed to the point where I couldn't see a thing
add me to xbox live everyone.

gamertag is theprodigy887
terminator608 wrote:Hey, Nice update, i can see you've been training ur fist and elbows alot by the Redness on ur knuckles and elbows

Never underestimate a boxer tho,

on the very last pic u should practise keeping your right arm Gaurding ur face during the roundhouse kick not every1 gonna Shell up when they see it coming.

Your Cardio looks excellent.

Keep Training maybe you & Your Bro be future MMA Champs

By the way Cute dog! i've got a sweet Collie Mixed with part wolf or something

thanks for the pointers.. if you look at the picture closely you will see that I have the kick fully rotated over. hence my right arm is actually up. I twisted my core over to get more range on the kick.

he shelled off the kick because I blasted him with a leg kick and a hard jab right before the head kick.

I am not underestimating a boxer, I never would. his hands are better than mine for sure. but he has to walk through my feet, knees, elbows and throws before he gets to land a shot.

if we clinch even one time I guarantee he takes a nap. I can knee up the middle 10x as hard as hes going to punch me.

cute dog,

roxy is my boxer. one of the 5 dogs that I own.
The Great Yacoob wrote:Goldenboy it's me Yacoob im proud of you man look how far we've come!

Check out my website

and your brother fights in UFC!!! that's elite status stuff bro seriously. Im working on an album and a Mixtape as we speak. check out my myspace page through my website when you get a moment it has a link that will take you there to listen to my tracks. and the picture of me and the female are real its the real me.

and you look in phenomenal shape i've been training in Shaolin Kung Fu and that's going well im in good shape not quite striking like you and terminator but i'm getting there

do work bud, super proud.

the website looks awesome,

my brother has been in the ufc since december actually, and yes his name is jesse bongfeldt. he lost tonight but he also fought the biggest prospect in mma so.

kung fu is a great cardio workout as well as a good art to simply learn to focus and just take life in stride.

as for the shape I am in.. yeah its not to shabby, my strength and conditioning coach figures I have reached under 20% of my potential even now.

pm me your facebook if you use it.

I hope your well buddy,

hey boys,

I hope everyone is well.

first off, my older brother fights in the ufc tonight and he is the 2nd last prelim fight on spike tv. at around 7 pm central time.

he is fighting the most touted prospect in MMA at the moment named chris weidman. maybe one of the best pure wrestlers to make the transition into mma.

I have a big fight coming up in about a month exactly. I was contacted by a boxer who has made the transition into mma. the fight is actually a full muay thai fight. so basicly boxing with kicks, knees and elbows.

he has wicked hands, I have seen him fight before but the simple fact that hes used to clinching for a rest, is going to be his downfall. as soon as we clinch hes going to get kneed and elbowed in the face.

not to mention he has never fought with kicks before. I have spent the last 6 months simply doing strength and conditioning and I have my weight up to around 150 lbs. it probably shows in the pictures compared to how I used to look

lots of new tattoos, I have some pictures of them here. And I am officially a male model haha.

I hope everyone is well, keep this game alive until I get a chance to play again.


yea, its about 60% finished right now,

where the black lines are will be all filled in colered. and where the waves are will be different shades of blue.

16 hours or so I have worked on it already, another 8 to go.

I like how you refer to me as Josh, maybe some people don't know my name you silly turkey
Hello josh! I'm Sean McPhilamy and i usually write blogs for castaclysm , at Our topics are usually video game based but recently we have noticed that alot of our members avidly discuss MMA or fighting in general. I've heard you mentioned a few times by some of our Canadian members , and hope that you will be as whol hearted and modest as they say by answering a few questions for us!

1. What got you into fighting in the first place ?(person , event of your life)

That is a very good question! When I started training I had no intention of fighting, I enjoyed the technique aspect of the martial arts in general. The fact that a smaller man can defeat a larger man with the right skils and technique. I took my first fight at 15 and it just slowly progressed from there.
2. What about fighting makes it appealing to you?

I would say the friends I have made along the way. I love the pureness of the sport. I was never a natural at any other sport, nor did I ever excel at any other sport. Fighting never came natural but I could always tilt if the need ever arose. I enjoy the fact that its you and you only in there, nobody to blame but you, nothing to improve but yourself and your own skills.
I was never popular but once I started fighting, Jordan Mein and I were the only kids in high school that were fighters, we had trained together since we were 6 years old it upped my reputation 500x by far. He is now doing very well and I hope to follow suit.

3. Do you have any idols inside or outside of the fighting business?

I could write about 4 men in particular for hours 1 one of which for days.
My favourite well known fighter is BJ Penn for the fact he has fought everyone from Diego Sanchez-Lyoto Machida, fighting between 6 weightclasses in MMA is unheard of, he has done it all. Won the UFC title at 155 lbs and defended 4 or 5 times, won the strap at welterweight when matt hughes was the best in the world by far. When BJ wins its nasty, and amazing to watch, considering he had like 3 fights coming into the ufc and has beaten fought so many times is amazing.
Brad wall taught me my muay thai which is my bread and butter. Dunno how much respect is there these days but he was influential in my life

Chris Harper out of KMA, Kenora Ontario taught me the finer points of being a good person, He is a big hero of mine and I respect him hugely, he has changed many lives and brought me into the light with words alone more than once. Mad respect for him
I saved the best for last… Jesse Bongfeldt, the godfather of my unborn child, the mentor, the idol, the friend, the hero.. I can go forever. The most caring person I have met, he taught me about being a man, being more than just a name or a rep. He is my idol, my confidant, my brother and my leader all at once. He is also a UFC middleweight, rep him hard kids!

4. As with any fighter you must have your strengths and weakness' , would you care to discuss yours?

This is a weird one for me to answer, my main strength which most people will attest to is my power. I hit like a small truck. I really do. I have trained at some of the top Muay thai gyms in North America and have been the hardest hitter anywhere from 135-170. My technique is pretty strong and I can throw hard kicks, bone breaking kicks. I also don’t get nerves before my fight’s. none, zip, zero… its not scary to me. I was raised proper enough from Jesse Bongfeldt and he taught me enough that nothing is scary, especially the unknown.
I am not considered strong or even middle level for my weight but I hit hard enough that anyone I fight shoots the second I stop throwing or stop circling,

My weakness is my height and my lack of nerves, and probably the biggest of the bunch if my ego. I know I can bang with just about anyone so its all I focus on.
My nerves are weird, I am more scared to go for dinner and have my visa bounce on me than I am to fight in front of a few thousand people. My cornermen can back this one up. I fought last year against a bigger/stronger/more experienced guy and when the commission came into the back he asked me what sized gloves I needed. 30 minutes before my fight all I could think of was trying to crack the best joke I could. I said tiny ones… you know what small hands mean…. We all burst out loud.

5. If you could give some advice to lets say the average joe who watches you compete who would like to do that themselves , what would it be?

Train your ass off, train and then fight.. I know hundreds of fighters, I train with the best in the world all the time and none of which wear tapout or other “MMA Brands”. If you want to be a fighter then be one. Improve your skills, volunteer in your community and be the best person you can be. Prove yourself to yourself.

6. Last one I promise! How did you get your nickname " The Golden Boy"?
I hated Oscar De La Hoya my whole life. I always thought he was the best fighter with no heart that ever existed. I guess it got started because I started fighting young. Fighting at 15-16 against guys 10-15 years your elder will give you a nickname like that. Especially when you beat them
Since then I have tried to stear away from it, if you have any other suggestions feel free to send them my way!

Thank you sincerely for your time , I wish you the best of luck in your fighting endevours ! I have read up on some of your past fights and can proudly say that luck is not what you need , as you have alot of hard work and determination behind you and i know you will succeed !

Thank you and best of luck!, to all the Josh Harley fans out there.. theres gotta be at least 3 or 4, 2011 is my breakout year. here we go.

going in to get a half sleeve this friday,

they are the same size, maybe that one was more cold than the other one?

that room was fucking freezing.

I have been asking friends/family/fans of an article to write about for my new position at to get myself started.

people always ask me, why fighting?

I am not violent, sadistic, I don't enjoy hurting people.

the smartest person on this planet could have an intellectual conversation with me and would probably say that I am smart. I can take an iq test and score near 130 almost every time I take one.

I don't walk around wearing Tapout or affliction clothing on a daily basis, hell, if you start a bar fight with me, I am more than likely to apologize and walk away then to actually step up and fight you.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a pushover by any stretch, I am more than willing to stand up for what I believe in and I will protect those I love with my love without hesitation. If you think you are better than me at any sport or if you think you can best me in a fight then you better be able to prove it. I can truly say I am not scared of shit but Jesus and my older brother/best friend Jesse.

so why fight? I am skinny by any BMI, I get shoved and pushed out of the way everytime I decide to go to the bar or club. If you saw me lifting weights in the gym, you would probably size me up and smirk knowing you could do better.

I guess to get to the bottom of this I have to go way back,

I was always a small kid, I have always been light for my size, and I was a sub par athlete until I was 20 years old.

I was built more to be a long distance runner then a muay thai fighter, MMA fighter or any other combative athlete.

When I was 6 years old I got it into my head that I wanted to do karate. I got enrolled into it and so my martial arts career began,

I will never forget my first karate lesson and looking back I remember truly hating it. my parents convinced to continue training and the next thing I knew I was 12 years old and a 3rd degree brown belt on the doorstep of a blackbelt. I was superior to 99% of the adults in the dojo and I was one of my instructors top puples,

I dabbled in other sports for a while, playing some junior football and some of the worst soccer you can imagine,

I was never a popular kid in school until maybe tenth grade, in fact I got made fun of quite often, I was small, nerdy looking, quiet, and had zero confidence in myself.

I was tormented at times, never on a daily basis but it was enough to fuel me to do better for myself.

I met a man named norm nelson who truly changed my life forever, he brought me to a small fight card in Alberta Canada and I got to see a muay thai smoker.

I watched these guys fight and laughed, thinking I am a 6 or 7 year vet of kenpo karate and I could batter these guys if they werent twice my size.

norm was around 50 at the time and he got me to start training and I guess you could say the rest is history,

When I started training muay thai I was awful, if you saw me you would never even look twice, I nearly gave up before I ever even got started.

6 months went by and I was still nothing to write home to your mother about,

the instructor, Kru Brad Wall, who was a very good muay thai fighter in his own right must have seen something in me, something I didn't at that point in my life see in myself.

He would push me harder than the other students, once that continued on for another 6 months he invited me to try out for the fight team.

I was 14 or 15 years old at the time thinking, "the closest person to me in age trying out is 23, I don't have a chance in hell"

Lo and Behold 2 weeks and many bumps and bruises later I was a member of the team.

I started to progress quickly once I was accepted, once I built the confidence in myself I realized its the work ethic that matters above anything else.

I started training to become an instructor at 16 years old and brad and I were the best of friends, I had become "high level" at this point, I was training 5 hours a day, 6 days a week while going to high-school full time.

I was born with a disorder called FASD

If you ask me to this day why I walked out on Brad I can only shrug and blame it on FASD.

One day we got into a fight about something stupid and I bounced, never to return again. Chalk it up to pressure to perform, immaturity, stupidity, and a massive regret I carry on my chest to this day. after I left Brads tutelage I got a tattoo on my back that says Trust, Loyalty and Love. the things he gave me I never returned. I get to live with that for the rest of my life. He would have without a doubt made me a world champion and someone very well known by this point in my life.

When one door closes another opens, the day I quit at that gym I walked right into my old karate instructors gym.

they welcomed me back with open arms, and I continued my training where I left off. I gave up the instruction, love and guidance that I needed so badly at that point in my life... Or so I thought.

I met a young man at the time named, Jesse Bongfeldt.

he was from across the country, he was charasmatic, very athletic, outspoken and very gifted at fighting.

I was happy when I got a chance to speak to him, after a few months he invited me to hang out with him and his friend. I guess the rest is history.

not too long after I moved in with Jesse.

He taught me more of being a man, a fighter and a good person than a lifetime of living, education and self help books ever could.

there were hard lessons with him, but they were loving lessons, with him a mistake only happened once, he guided me with a steady hand, an open heart and very intelligent mind.

I hit rock bottom in my own life later on, Depression is a hell of a thing to deal with and I don't care how tough you are. It hurts and drains you far worse than anything you can imagine, I tried to kill myself several times. and when that didn't work I figured I must be here for a real reason, I have friends who are dead and I am still here, alive and breathing so I may as well give this the best shot I have. In fighting and in life.

Back to the original topic;

I fight because my whole life I was too small to play any other sport with any amount of skill, take a quote from a Mark Will's song,

I'm a little boy with glasses
The one they call the geek
A little girl who never smiles
'Cause I've got braces on my teeth
And I know how it feels
To cry myself to sleep

I'm that kid on every playground
Who's always chosen last....

I have been down that road in my life, I have also been down the road of being the only MMA fighter/muay thai fighter at a highschool of 3000 kids. and I went from being a nobody to someone on facebook with 2200+ friends. I went from having no friends to having my 18th birthday with over 200 people at a house party for me.

There was a kid who I had played soccer with in 6th grade, I was so bad at soccer that him and all his friends used to ignore and mock me, fast forward to grade 11 or grade 12 and he walks into my gym. Of course he didn't remember me and why should he? He certainly took to me once I was an up an coming full contact fighter the same age as him.

what changed? I was the same person I was years before, I hadn't changed any. the only thing that had truly changed was his outlook on me.

He is now one of my closest friends and I bring that up now and then for a good laugh,

I fight because I am skilled at it, not skilled in the fact that I have a kill or be killed instinct or because I am some intimidating figure that people fear. I fight because you could hit me with a 2x4 and I would get back to my feet 10x10. I fight because even though I only weigh 145 lbs soaking wet on a good day with the wind blowing towards me, I hit like a welterweight, I can walk into almost any gym the smallest fighter... with the hardest kicks, with the biggest heart and the best work ethic.

I am never going to be as athletic as the others but I will work towards becoming as good as them. when I started muay thai my kicks were wretched. I would practice 500 roundhouse kicks each night in my bedroom, practicing kicking over a chair in one smooth motion. now my strongest part of my arsenal is without a doubt my kicks.

I have something burning down very deep inside me, something to prove to you, him, her, and them, most of all to myself. I want to fight so that I can prove myself to myself. I want to prove that it doesn't matter what cards you were dealt in life you can do whatever the fuck you want. He, she and they can't determine your life for you unless you allow them too. its been beaten to death but the old saying goes "it's not the size of the dog in the fight; but the size of the fight in the dog.

I might be a poodle on my best day but I have the heart of a rabid Cane Corso. There is no quit in me, and I will not stop training to be the best until the day I can no longer walk.

fast forward a little while,

Jesse Bongfeldt is now a UFC middleweight who had one of the most entertaining UFC debuts of 2010 in Montreal on December 11th. What a war!

I am now living in montreal, I have a girlfriend with such beauty that nearly everyone I know is jealous, I am alive, happy, healthy. I have found a great gym/camp that has the exact things that I need to become the best fighter I can.

Out of this big mess I call my life/fight career. I have learned a few valuable lessons.

Everyone is your friend when you win, you see your real friends when you lose,

Blood doesn't have to mean family, I love you Jesse Bongfeldt and I would die for you at half a moments notice if it meant you were safe.

My girlfriend Samantha is the things dreams are made of, intelligent, beautiful, witty, giving, caring and loving.

Although I was adopted I have an amazing beautiful family, and I can guarantee two things, My adopted dad can can beat up your dad and my adopted mom can kick your ass and your moms ass at the same time. I have beautiful sisters, they grew up great and took the inherited the best of me.

I have a skill set in martial arts most would love to have, a chin and heart that only the best in the world can match, and a fire inside that would evaporate these floods in Australia. I am growing in my skills and knowledge every single day and the day you stop learning should be the day you die.

It took time to build this all, and it will take time to continue improving on it all. I know I will never master it. I might never be the best fighter in the world but I will be the best fighter/boyfriend/brother/friend that I can be.

so why do I fight....?

I fight for them.
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