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Messages posted by: Chosen dIck
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Author Message
btw toosmooth is ducking me.

maybe hes just busy...
Redneck wrote:

ok einstein. But most of the postings went into the direction that skipping and freezing (you know what i mean. you face that everytime if you start a fight) is not FAIR PLAY.
And i am sick and tired to explain a thread to a pea-brain. Read every posting from this thread and stop boring me with "this thread is not about that" and "i think this thread is more that direction".
Maybe you should open a new thread with "rules" to answer to a thread like you want it.


u obviously have a misconception about fair play, sticking to a point and logic.
but please, SPAM as much as u want.

Redneck wrote:

if you read the recent comments in this thread you will see that this discussion went into the lag/ping direction. And one of the things slugger is doing is freezing the fight for a moment and use it for his advance.
So the content of this discussion is mainly the connection thing.
Guys with good pings got skip or freezes in fights sometimes. are one of this skippy/freezy guys and i always fight you.
I hope i helped you out to understand this whole thing.
Anything else you dont understand? If so..i try to explain it to you again.


I think this thread is more about fighters mentality and fair play than connection problems.
So nobody should get overprotective and try not to be the " mr worst connection"...

Anything else you dont understand? If so..i try to explain it to you again.
Redneck wrote:
sure its getting boring. Skilled fighters like Red Viper and John got no problem to fight a little slower fight etc. But the less-skilled guys keep crying and use it as an excuse after they lose a fight against a "slower" fighter. Some guys with good pings got skips and freezes in their this case i understand the crying a little more (but to be honest its same condition for both fighters. thats the reason why i also fight guys with this skip and lag problem).
But you know every two month or something like that its worth a posting again The funny thing is that half of the OB-Players got pings >140 at the moment. But you are right donny...its getting boring. Always the same postings, the same answers.
Guys that got a problem with slower pings should not fight this ones. Guys that got a problem with skippy/freezy fighters shouldnt fight them.
Problem solved


what are u talking about?
wasn't the discussion about slugger?
his ping is good.

what are u building there , dawg?
just cleaning the hood?

btw I suspect that new user kidix is toosmoth. I'm probably wrong but if it is so...

this is for 2d.

for 3d u have to download the game.

there is no career mode. just fight, get better and earn points.
toosmooth wrote:I refuse to argue with morons, clowns. liars and cheats. He did not give up. He got caught because my punch got their before his did. Watch the fight. I have told you numerous times you lag my fights and to stay out of my fights. That goes doubly for championship fights. From the beginning when I offered him the fight on the board, I stated that I would only fight him at a decent ping. As I said, he fought me at a faster ping. I opened up the toosmooth account. I never logged off ken norton and he didn't log off. But he did something to immediately slow the connection. Finally, if I have a problem with fighting someone with a bad connection, why would I want to fight a rematch when he just set it up to be slow (The difference between the Ken Norton fight and the toosmooth fight as stated previously)? As I told him after the fight, " You keep it. You need it. I don't."

u already hold a title dawg!!! of the biggest moron and clown who ever lived. lol


My ping is mostly OK. When it goes bad i just stop playing. Also I'm not good at laggy games so it's a disadvantage for me.
And I NEVER cheat! I don't even know how.. and I don't care...

Btw only one who cheats here is slugger. And I'm never fighting him again.

toosmooth wrote:I was on under the name Ken Norton. Boon came on and asked for a title shot. His ping said 180. I said first let me test it under Ken Norton because things are not always what they appear to be. It was not too slow and I knocked him out. Then I signed on under toosmooth. His ping did not change but the connection is much slower right from the beginning of the fight. And to top that off, Maximum Dick[head] kept going in and out of our fight with his ultra-slow and pausing connection. The guy who cried the loudest about getting cheated . . .

1. he probably gave up in that test fight so u don't change ur mind about fighting him.
2. after the fight i asked if i was lagging ur game. and i offered not to watch if it was so.
3. boon offered u rm which u denied.

so STFU fool
Red Viper wrote:

Did Slugger use the freeze KO, if so that is cheating. Also, its completely dishonorable for a champ to not give the former champ a rematch. I think Boon deserves his rematch.
The Legendary Warrior of OB
The God of of Knockout Power and Destruction
121 Time Online Boxing Champ
270 defenses
Semi- Retired

Yes, something like that.

I think he is!!!
He slows down his computer or does something to make game lag when he wants it to.
Boon said that there have been other complaints.
Also hes not giving Boon his immediate title rm. Is that cheaters mentality or what?!?

1. it would be nice if in single player cpu opponent would throw body punches. and had more ai.

2.also Im not a big fan of punching power drain when being hit. it just makes harder to come back from punishment. ok it is realistic. but it could be tuned down a bit.

... ok Im a noob but I still think those are good suggestions.

3. somebody fight me! now!
Hello! I'm new here. I like this game and I hope it won't disappear from face of the internet.

btw I'm here to kick some too-smooth ass .
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