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Messages posted by: Oscar
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Donny_king wrote:
Not played it, I've played that Fightnight though (MP) but thought it was rather queer with everyone just using the duck and do nothing then hit you once and you are down move. Nobody wants a fight anymore or a challenge, they are more worried about their pretty little number but this is fine, I'm just from a different generation I guess, the one where we actually wanted a challenge...

People that do that piss me right off. I fought this lad a week or so ago, he had more than triple the amount of fights as me, better record, he's his big power fighter, I'm my balanced Lennox Lewis look-a-like, what's he do, tuck himself in, wait for me to make mistakes, so I picked him off with straight for a couple of rounds until he got bored, came out of his shell and got lashed.
I love using balanced fighters like, especially welterweights as I can use my jab, move forward, jab, move forward, jab, move forward, jab, BAMBAMBAM tactic using Hatton.

As for DKP, I find it too robotic, can't really get into fights that much. Can't wait for FNR4 though, from the early vids it looks absolutely class.
Mikkel wrote:
Oscar wrote:More excuses...keep them coming.

I need an excuse from Calzaghe on why he never fought another great fighter who was in his prime. I'm sure he can come up with plenty though.

You need a reason not an excuse. Maybe you can get hold of Enzo Calzaghe's phone number and ask why Joe wasn't offered a trip to America to fight Jones in his prime instead of Joe boxing at a national/European level.
Paul Dion wrote:PS - Did anyone cringe at the national anthems?

I thought they sang them awfully...especially the Welsh anthem...that woman needs singing lessons.

Aye lol. The American lass wasn't that bad but the Welsh one didn't do Joe or Wales as a nation any justice.
More excuses...keep them coming.
Paul Dion wrote:I did feel kinda bad for RJJ though...he is nowhere near the level he was at in the 90's!!

Same, I used to love watching Roy back when he seemed unbeatable. He should have retired after his majority win over Tarver in my opinion, he was clearly going downhill after that, all he had was an incredible ability to snap punches out of no where and his amazing reflexes, and just like Ali, when he aged, it all went.
Professor wrote:
No one is making excuses. Slappy Joe got what he wanted and got to cement his legacy. Good for him.


African Assassin wrote: but it isn't a credablie win. Calz came along on the right time......Jones sould hang em up and Joe should rm hopkins or fight dawson then retire....

Couture wrote:how about james toney next at a catch weight???

let the senior tour continue

Couture wrote:IMO if they fought 5 yrs ago Jones would stop him...

But yeah you're right, Joe slapped Roy's eye right open and completely slapped the shit out of his face.

EDIT: You even contradicted yourself 1 post later...

Professor wrote:

Fight was horrible, and the only person Slappy Joe will fight is Oscar, or maybe Tyson. Maybe he'll coax George Foreman out of retirement!
The world would collapse if he manned up and fought Dawson..
Calzaghe has already beat Hopkins in which he outboxed him throughout the fight, there's no need for a re-match. 46 wins including wins against Lacy, Hopkins, Jones and Eubank is enough for Calzaghe, he's already proved he's a legend. If he starts fighting people like Dawson it'll be a never ending career and he'll end up going backwards; as I said, he's already proved he's a legend and has nothing else to prove.
Jones got absolutely lashed from the 3rd round onwards. I can't wait to see the relentless excuses for this one. Roy looked like he was going to be tricky in the first and second round but after them rounds Joe predicted pretty much each of Roy's punches, he's amazing at adapting during fights.
Calzaghe will outbox Jones, just like he completely outboxed Hopkins . Jones won't be able to trade punches with Calzaghe efficiently and Calzaghe can punch non-stop for ages so unless Jones can catch Calzaghe with some massive shots, I can't see Jones winning.
Redneck wrote:i am from germany. But i watched the fight for president. I am glad that Obama won it. I think he will be good for america...we will see.
And for the Reps...Mr. McCain? Damn shit, that was a joke. This man is 72. WTF? Got no better candidate?
I think it was a clear thing that Obama will win this.


Yeah...he's a proper joke, I mean, he only defied death 4 times, served in the army during the Vietnam war, was held prisoner in Vietnam for 5 years and has been involved in politics whether being a congressman, senator or running for president for over 20 years, he's a proper joke like.

None the less, Obama will be a great president in my opinion and hopefully he'll get rid of the idiotic reputation of America that George Bush left over.
Winning my first (and only) title against Chopper a while ago. Only managed to defend it 3 times against Chopper then Viper x2 before losing it to Squeezed Head.
Class fight like, Hopkins pretty more destroyed Pavlik throughout the it from my point of view. He's still no Joe Calzaghe though.

I'm on Sky not BT Already got rid of that shit.
Do what I did, take on any challenge and bash buttons like mad, get a couple of unexpected wins then finally lose it by KO in the 4th round and never become champion again...

Fucking 160 ping :\

Off topic but, for some reason my pings went from 130-140 to a constant 165 for some reason, I've not changed my ISP or router, it's just increased for some reason. Has anyone had a similar problem or has suggestions to fix this?

*hint* HTF *hint*
Paul Dion wrote:Oscar!!! Is this my bro...the real Oscar?

It might be!

And yeah, looong time, don't play OB much anymore like, come on now and again when I have a free period, OB fits on memory sticks, awesome. Although my ping is massive now. I'd sign up but I'd be a bit of a liberty, not active enough I'll be one to watch a few and take some short hook spam now and again though.
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