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Messages posted by: Redneck
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M. A R A G O N wrote:couture was probably talking about what me and professor were saying not what you said.

yes. maybe you are right. come on maragon...get back in the ring and train to get off the rust. same to professor and then we wanna see the fight of the century.

"nothing to do with the thread... this went on long enough soooo..."


sure it got to do with the thread. Mikkel closed OB2D because of just 1-2 guys playing it. He opened the thread after resurrecting OB. So my content of the posting was absolutely relevant for the thread. Not the war between Professor and Maragon but my try to get em back to OB2D.
So whats your poison Couture to lock threads regarding OB's future? Other threads with just shit-talk in it without any content are opened till the bitter end but you close regular threads with regular content. Congratulations!

johnbludger wrote:

I guess that makes sense. Rednecks idea is good but maragon is rusty so there is no point in trying.

lol john. All i try is to make them hot for a comeback We need more players for OB2D again. Everyone was crying after mikkel closed OB2D but the only ones online nearly every day are Ken Norton, boon and Redneck.
NO john (wearing the belt. What happened john? Once one of the best Champs of OB and now a title-sitter?..), no Red Viper (he was online 2 times during 27 days..check it on his fight-history..), no edder. This guys were permanent players once ago and are responsible for killing OB.
My cheers to Ken Norton and boon helping to rescue OB2D.

why dont you guys take it to the ring? a 3series. Winner is far better than the other one and the Loser give respect to the winner. Easier than this Drama here
johnbludger wrote:Redneck......Maragon spelled Kanye West correctly.

oh. he meant this 50cent clone. Then he is right.
ok thanks.
M. A R A G O N wrote:your ego is pitiful. your the kanye west of this game. Who are you to tell me what to do? you think your important or something, because you might possibly be good at a game with 10 people playing?
also, maybe i would have understood it if you typed it correctly. because this "no one even knew you were gone" is different then what you just said above.

its kayne west not kanye west.
please tell me if this problem is solved in OB3D and i will take a look to it again.
Professor wrote:Actually I noticed the punching power is decreasing along with stamina when you are getting hit. That on the otherhand is complete fucking bullshit. You can't counter for shit now. I wasn't even taking heavy damage. Im in the corner getting hit with a few shots, looking to fight out of the corner, defending mostly. His body is hurt a little so I go for a counter as he's getting aggressive, I land a 2 punch ducking right hand to the body and it does shit. I look up and my punching power is 10% after throwing about 3 or 4 punches in 20 seconds. Terrible.

same happened to me yesterday. I was just defending and waiting to give the hell back but my stamina was getting lower and lower every round without getting very hard punches. It makes it impossible to react to very offensive sluggers.
Yesterday and the day before i meet 2 new fighters on OB2D. I slugged the hell out of them and they never came back since then. This was a mistake.
So if you guys see new fighters on OB2D try to be friendly to them and train them. Give them the ranking-page in case they dont know where to find it and show them the forum. So what..let them get a win from time to time. Not destroying them at the beginning. Thats not the way we get new fighters for OB2D.

Mikkel wrote:Should the stamina be increased a bit ? seems you gas quickly, even if you just defend since punches take stamina

professor is right. Stamina is wasted up to 40 percent in 1 (!) round. And after a round it doesnt refresh again (very much) there is no way to regain it again in your fight (and at the end of the fight stamina is in red...i never saw that before in OB2D). So i think you are right mikkel, increase it but not just a bit or try to change the refresh-thing after the round is over.
Another thing is that punches that waste a lot of your stamina (for example the long hook or the right straight) should do much more damage than the normal jab or normal hook.
But i am not crying here..i just try to give you the information like i feel with this settings. Others may feel it in a different way.

yes. setting reminds me of the original settings used for years before the setting-changes.
I prefer the ones used before discontinuation. But i never cried...i try to get used with this new ones again.
thanks again for the resurrection.

yeah mikkel. You are the man.
i got an important appointment tomorrow. So i cant log on my favorite game tonight.
A lot of thanks from me mikkel (just one word and you understand me: barry mcGuigans future boxing

johnbludger wrote:
Strength(Power of each punch)
Charisma(Recovery speed for stamina,punching power and Body/Head health )
Speed(Faster punching)
Endurance(Withstand more punches)
Heart(Faster get-ups from Knockdowns)
Stamina(More energy)
Cut(Less chances of getting cuts)

sounds like you describe fight night here. thats what viper etc. say : "if i wanna play a 3D boxing game i play fight night." and that is a true thing. We wanna have the classical 2D boxing game and no 3D boxing game. Maybe on the net ppl who like mikkels 3D boxing. But the base of the guys playing 2D prefer this classic fighting game (for example...if viper, me etc. wanna have the 3D feeling we can play fight night round 2-4 on the console...with online option to play it with ppl all over the world).
We all can do like there is no rivalry in the world for 3D but there is a massive mighty with fight night. And that is the main reason why mikkel is facing problems with his new project. The 2D thing was without rivalry.
But this is an old debate and mikkel just gets angry with its topic. Maybe he is right to keep them separated. So he can see what horse makes the race. If there would be an option to bet to one of those two horses i would bet all my money to 2D because of the reasons above.

HTF wrote:
Redneck wrote:
Mikkel wrote:I've found a little video to cheer you up Redneck. i loved it!! thanks for posting the link mikkel.
Please think about a resurrection of OB2D in near know i love that shit. OB2D was like barry mcguigans boxing in future (much better graphics, playing it online etc.). I am missing it already a lot and you just killed it.


Then buy OB haha.

Then buy a brain hohoho!!
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