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Messages posted by: johnbludger
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Phenom wrote:The fact that I randomly log on and I find a thread about me validates my point.. Thankyou

Your point? I have randomly logged on and seen plenty of threads about me by several other people. Big whoop. Besides, the only thing that you can validate at this point is me kicking your ass for the last 5 months.
Redneck wrote:
johnbludger wrote:If I take this seriously than what does that make you? And hey maybe I do take this game a bit seriously, but I take everything I do seriously, game or not.

Yeah, but...ummm...its just a GAME!! Get a life

I have a life and it's called college buddy. That's why I only get on once or twice a week, sometimes not even that. I don't have the time to play the game, but when I have a couple hours I'll try to find a fight or two. You got a problem with that Redneck? And Phenom, you should have saw this coming in the first place. Instead of running like a little bitch, complaining that you are "feeling" some sort of way now, just man up and play the damn game. Don't run off saying "You take this game too seriously," and expect me to just let it slide. If you don't like me whooping your candy ass all the time than do something about it.
I think Chopper got mind fucked lol
If I take this seriously than what does that make you? And hey maybe I do take this game a bit seriously, but I take everything I do seriously, game or not.
I will be online up until 2:30 p.m. eastern standard.
The John is online with the X-treme Skillz. Where are you peeps?
How high is your ping Catfish?
That's good to hear. I'll try to get on around 1-2 pm Eastern standard.
drzlb wrote:where is the nomination for HOF?

It's a secret muahahahaha.
Updated on: October 19th

Not much to update to be honest

John is #6 on the most wins list passing up Toosmooth
John is #8 on the most title fights list passing up Ken Norton
John is #17 on the Best Winning Percentage list passing up Dick E. Boon
Nigel Benn is the 6th fighter in OB History to reach over 400 defenses on 1 account.
KUSH wrote:
sterlihalla wrote:
KUSH wrote:
Phenom wrote:The inactivity level is crazy on this game. I've been online at random 1/2 hour spurts and no one even comes online. I think OB is slowly bleeding out people.

Ive logged in several times through out the day and if no one is there I click out I can't waste time waiting around.

you came online and got your ass beat by john! twice, what is your streak -2 mofo. paper champ cudnt defend against john. Eat ur yacoob flakes fagget

Your a fucking idiot.. John is probably the second or third best fighter ever in the game.. Losing to him means nothing.. Second fight I was ahead on all cards and damn near knocked him out a few times. Ask John who gives him his toughest fights today and it certainly isnt you faggot.

If your gonna troll get some facts man things that are gonna hold up

Now pull my balls out of your mouth and focus some where else..

I think I smell some shit somewhere around here, oh wait nevermind, it's Reaper.........

Kush hasn't had any real competition, so I would say losing to me isn't a big deal. But in Reaper's perspective, it's a big deal. Why is it a big deal? Reaper knows he can't beat the Kush. Reaper knows that if he tried to fight the Kush, he will get his corn flake loving ass whooped, am I right or wrong? This is interesting though, why haven't you two fought yet? At least when Yacoob and Red Viper talked smack, they fought till their fingers started to bleed. Keep the tradition going and fuck each other up!!!

Btw, I AM ONLINE!!!!!
I am online once again, 7 people online right now. Where are you assholes?????
Strengthh wrote:TBH the guy isn't even a good champion at all.He shoots random blows and it catches you.Plus i can't even fight when im skipping and pausing when he has the cheap advantage to move and get his cheap hit.makes nosense to fight if i can't see my punches hitting him or his hitting mine.

I never saw this at that time, so this question is a tad late, but who are you talking about?
I am online, so who wants to fight?
Who are you again?
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