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Messages posted by: goldenboy88
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Author Message
Hey community, this game is awesome and the people are even better. Its time for me to take off. I have done everything I can including win some titles, rivalry's and meet some cool people. I will try and include everyone who has had in impact on me in this game

catfish: oldest friend on here, your an awesome guy, good luck with you and your girlfriend. if you ever need anything you know where to find me.

HTF: been an awesome friend since we met, enjoyed the wow playing. the late night cherades and the fighting talk. good luck with everything. ton of respect for you bro.

edder: you and I have had our go arounds more then once on here, all in all I consider you a good friend. keep praticing and eventually you will be awesome.

Viper: always been nice to me, your not much of a talker but you helped me out a ton when I was new. you will make the HOF, keep working.

Jigsaw: you are a solid kid and a really nice guy. I enjoyed the vent convos.

Profs: same to you, others found you annoying but you made me laugh my ass off all the time. you are a really cool guy.

Monk: wise old monkeytail, good luck with the business.

Rocky: your an awesome guy with alot of talent at this game. I enjoyed talking to you. thanks for the tips.

Reaper: believe it or not I miss having you around. my online bitching became alot less exciting after you left. Sorry for all the mean shit I said/did. good luck with the army, stay safe

Kessler: you got owned and owned badly. I beat your ass every which way on this game. good luck with the pdp title champ

Dion: not much to say, didnt know you long. good luck with the whole PDP thing. thanks for letting me fight on it.

Emmj: I dont know if you even play anymore. you were always a cool guy and I enjoyed the old days with you and maragon.

Maragon: your getting alot better, Like I said above I miss the old days when you, emmj and I all sucked. We had some good times. take care bro,

redneck: sorry for starting a ton of shit, I think you and I used to be cool, anyways I am sorry for everything I said that was out of line.

Salvador: didnt know you long, you are a phenom at this game and one of the best I have seen. keep it up bro, thanks for the title shots.

unstoppable: you have been gone a while but I always respected you when you were here, Especially when I started to beat you. hope you come back someday.

Captain America: you are going to be awesome at this game, Keep it up man. you have more potential then most.

John: you have alot of potential at this game as well. You have always been good to me, take care.

Boon: your crazy man, your ping and your witty remarks will be missed.

Fatny: you and I got along really well. we seemed to relate, I hope you enjoyed/enjoying thailand. good luck owning people on this and the poker table.

Yacoob: you have always been a good friend of mine since the black fist. I was there when you needed me and If you ever need anything else let me know, keep the stories alive man.

Ray Johnson: you taught me how to play, you are wise beyond your years no matter what anyone says. Keep causing hell my friend.

Oscar: probably the most influential person I met on here. Him and I developed a good friendship and hes always been an awesome soft spoken guy. take care man.

Boxa: havent seen you on lately man, you and I had some good chats and you were really good at this game. I hope school goes well for you.

Donny King: the wise mod donny, You have been around forever, throughout it all you were the one constant in this game. Good luck with the modding. Less posts to watch with me gone. thanks for the good work

Mikkel: last but not least, thanks for the awesome game and all the hardwork that goes unnoticed by almost everyone. Everyone owes you alot for all you have done for us. Thank you.

Thanks for all the enjoyable fights everyone. I had a ton of fun on here. Every single day was different then the one before. If I forgot anyone on my list you have my apologies, I picked my brain for as many as I could think of. good luck to everyone on here with this game and everything you guys decide to do in life.

I would also like to take the time to appologize to everyone I ever called down or said somthing rude to. I never should have brought myself down to that level. Please accept my apology.

take care,


goldenboy69 KO1 goldengirl69
goldenboy69 KO5 goldengirl69
goldenboy69 TKO3 goldengirl69

theres my revenge, kessler made a stupid alt trying make fun of me. except he got killed 3 times in a row.

for your PDP champ kessler
im sitting here waiting for you to fight me right now.
come on now?
thanks african
found this somehow. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your grammer now eddie
haha, whatever you boys say.
haha bullshit. I won fair and square the first fight, then we went again and he won. I then won 2 more times in a row. I dont care who you consulted with. Kessler is a chump who started crying like a girl. Why should I be gracious in defeat I destroyed him 3 out of 4 fights. take his side. Look at our Head 2 Head. the evidence is right there.

you guys robbed me, anyone with eyes can see that. If I didnt go on for 4 days you would say I forfeited. He hasnt been on in that long and nobody says a thing.

everyone seems so worried about this top 10 list. If you arent on it then improve and wait until next month.
start shit with me ray
ive been waiting for 4 days to erase this bullshit loss to kessler. ( the fight I never actually lost) and since hes not coming on and paul dion and him both fucked me I am out of PDP.
its none of that, look at the ring timer as I drop him. It somehow worked out that I koed him at the exact second as last round ended. if thats nothing special then lets see anybody else fluke and pull that off

go to the last round of this fight. I somehow got it that I koed him as the bell rang in the last round.
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