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Messages posted by: toosmooth
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Every time that I try to log in today, it says "server not responding."
Yeah, well thanks. I did that a few years ago when you recommended that for people who wanted a stand alone version. However it has a lot of overhead. But I may do it anyway. Thanks for your help and your rapid reply.

I am using an old standalone version of the game from a few years ago. It loads but I can not move. My opponet immediately ko's me. The version is boxing2d.jar (15.8mb). The reason I want to use it is that my ping tends to be lower with it than it is in a browser.. It loads quicker too. Is there anything I can do or that you can do that can get it to work. Thanks in advance.
Thank you again, Mikkel.
The server is down again.
Thank you, Mikkel. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
Please return the server. Stop holding it hostage. You are an excellent 2D game producer - and some people say a 3D wannabe. Thank you. It's all love. OB2D will never die (and we refuse to just fade away).
You aren't even funny. Try again. Only a stan would find any of this remotely humorous.
That was very funny. Everybody falls when they fight you. But everything you said was true in general.
If you have experienced a slow down, you know it's real. Especially when it happens over and over again. Your point about not to fight such people is the only wise move since no action will ever be taken. But this post served the purpose of exposing a few known connection manipulators. That is worth more than any "action" that could be taken by the powers that be.
2. The issue is not whether or not I care about titles. The issue is are you and others cheating. I care about fair play. If you or others can't play fair you should not play at all. Moreover, you should not compete for titles.

3. Your sense of fairness, i.e., "for the greater good" is strictly what benefits you.
1. You do slow down fights on purpose. A few weeks ago. I took the title from you and gave you an immediate rematch. You slowed it down.

2. You are so dishonest and manipulative that you feel the need to con your way into a title shot. I had already stated I would fight you as soon as I saw you if your ping was 180 or lower. We can debate all day what constitutes letting someone knock you out. Did you fight ultra-defensively? No. Did you get caught while trying to hit me? Yes. Did you purposely change the speed? Without question. Anyone should ask themselves, "How can he come on exactly at 180 right off the bat for the championship as soon as he signed on yesterday?" The only confidence you sought from me was that your connection was decent. And then, you changed it right back.

3. If where the title belongs is with a cheater, then it is where it belongs. I reiterate: You keep it. You need it. I don't.
I refuse to argue with morons, clowns. liars and cheats. He did not give up. He got caught because my punch got there before his did. Watch the fight. I have told you numerous times you lag my fights and to stay out of my fights. That goes doubly for championship fights. From the beginning when I offered him the fight on the board, I stated that I would only fight him at a decent ping. As I said, he fought me at a faster ping. I opened up the toosmooth account. I never logged off ken norton and he didn't log off. But he did something to immediately slow the connection. Finally, if I have a problem with fighting someone with a bad connection, why would I want to fight a rematch when he just set it up to be slow (The difference between the Ken Norton fight and the toosmooth fight as stated previously)? As I told him after the fight, " You keep it. You need it. I don't."
I was on under the name Ken Norton. Boon came on and asked for a title shot. His ping said 180. I said first let me test it under Ken Norton because things are not always what they appear to be. It was not too slow and I knocked him out. Then I signed on under toosmooth. His ping did not change but the connection is much slower right from the beginning of the fight. And to top that off, Maximum Dick[head] kept going in and out of our fight with his ultra-slow and pausing connection. The guy who cried the loudest about getting cheated . . .
Boon I don't like fighting you either. I think you cheat too. But I will gladly give you a shot. Because you give shots. If I see you on with a 180 or lower ping, we will fight. I'm not fighting you at 220. Get that out of your head.
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