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Modified OB2D Version Download (no cheats)  XML
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Ray Johnson


Joined: 10/01/2007 13:36:12
Messages: 1983

What does this do?
It stops people from being able to send messages to you in chat.
HOWEVER, you can still send messages to everyone else.

Why the @#!~ would I want to do that?
1) Apparantly people were happier when they couldn't talk to each other
2) People can be seriously annoying and it's better to ignore them, however the dumb shit they say forces you to reply. Now, you're free of their bullshit and they can only hear what you have to say

You fucking hacker!

<REMOVED> - until further notice.

If you don't know how to extract files.. there's not much point to living, is there? (meaning Right click the file and click extract)

Admin/Moderator note
Delete the post immediately if you don't like it
Seriously, if it pisses you off or something.. lol..

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Ray Johnson


Joined: 10/01/2007 13:36:12
Messages: 1983

Redneck wrote:i see no sense in this version, sorry. Its just a strip of the original version. Not enhanced...just destroyed the original.
But thats just my opinion


P.S.: and in mikkels case i would delete this senseless offense Ray.

Lol, i know. But some people did ask to remove the chat before, so here's the friendly way

It's not like I am going to make some super version of OB, cause you'd get your ass handed to you on the server anyway (even if you flew away or some shit) lulz

Joined: 18/04/2006 06:15:39
Messages: 1584

Lol How did you make this ?
I hope you didnt put a virus or something ray.

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Rocky Marciano

Joined: 19/03/2007 18:04:56
Messages: 698

If only I could trust Ray I would use this and only this instead of regular OB, just to box while not having to deal with the nonsense people type into the chat.

That being said I just can not trust you enough to actually download this and unzip it. I don't want any of your trojans, spy stuff like key loggers, tracking stuff or whatever it is you have most likely put in there. After all I do you my computer to manage my bank accounts.

- OB Accounts: Rocky Marciano plus too many alts

- Join Date: 2007

- Status: Retired for now. Logs on every now and then just to troll.

- OB Class: A+++++ Elite and yes you got it right a FIVE STAR Elite.

- Goals: Been there, seen that, done it all so none other than reaching 1000 fights (on an alt) with above 90% win percentage I have been hunting after ever since joining OB2D.

- Titles won: too many to remember

- Title defenses: too many to remember

- Best win streak 132 wins in a row in total.

- Style: Very technical when needed to. Other than that force ko for the win!

- Signature Punch: The Rocky Marciano combo (now also available without french fries).

- Signature Taunt: Letting opponent recover back to full healt before KOing him for good.

- Weakness: Fatny, the king of OB2D

- Career highlights: Been there and done it all but yes there is one little thing that rises above all titles and such: making Reaper quit after I tkoed him 16 times in a row all inside first two rounds. We were supposed to box 100 times

- Quotes: "I just TKoed you 16 times in a row Reaper. What's the matter? Can not make is past first two rounds? Did I make you quit? Why so silent all of sudden? Oh I just made you STFU "

- Stupid nickname given by other players: Mini Fatny.

- Words of wisdom: Styles make fights. Sometimes even HOF caliber fighters lose to inferior boxers due to this fact. Everyone has their rythm and once you get inside that rythm, you will make life hell for that person (in the ring).

- PS. All signatures are stupid.


Joined: 18/04/2006 14:22:37
Messages: 907
Location: Manchester , England

Openly modifying the OB client could open the door to many exploits, it could cause bugs/errors/unknown side effects and compatibility issues with other clients. We could have in a few weeks tons of people all playing with different versions/modifications and all screaming at Mikkel that things don't work etc when it's not down to Mikkel and is their own fault for not leaving things alone.

On the other hand it may be fine, it may work 100% and is completely safe so don't take that as I am saying that it IS going to cause issues as I'm NOT, I'm just simply giving you my opinion.

So explain to me Ray what this does in more detail in a PM please, how does it do what it's doing, what do you change to achieve this etc.

I have removed the links for now but I will keep them so I can just put them back at a later date after you have explained this in more detail to me and we can trust it is not going to cause problems.


If you have already spoken with Ray or you are happy for the links to be displayed then PM me, cheers.

/** Call this method when you want to play OB.*/
public void playOb() {
while(moreBeers()) {
if(sleepy) {
}else {
ONLINE BOXING NAME = don_king_promotions

menicaha behaniclo

/** Call this method when you are dealing with users.*/
stock HandleUsers()
for ( new i = 0, j = GetUsers(); i < j; i ++
if ( !IsUserConnected( i continue;
switch ( GetUserState( i
case USER_STATE_SPAMMER : RemoveUserPost( i;
case USER_STATE_IDIOT : WarnUser( i;
case USER_STATE_TOUGHGUY : LaughAtUser( i;
default : IgnoreUser( i;
return 1;


Joined: 18/04/2006 17:13:32
Messages: 904

Mikkels permission should have been asked first. And just removing a few files dont mean jack. Adding a ignore button would have been nice. I did once make a client for OB but threw it out because I saw no point and nothing wrong with the current ob client. If people want more options and things added to the client bring it up with Mikkel. The odds are if he has time and thinks its a good idea he will add it.

Ray you been playing with OB for awhile now making guys spam and sending repeated packets. Its lame and there is no point in it. If your going to do some thing do some thing that requires some coding and maybe apply it towards making OB better.

~*~oOo~*~ <--- You can look but you cant touch!!!!

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