Online Boxing Timeline

  • This timeline was made by Salvador-Sanchez so big credit to him.

    2001(OBv1)(Sal) - Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Salvador Sanchez, Street Bully, Ashton. I remember discovering this game through MAB (Unified Champion X2) in late 2001. When I first logged on, the champ was Muhammad Ali. He was dominating the opposition with a ping of about 300-500 on a regular basis. Anyways, he dominated for awhile until I finally defeated him. It took me a good two months to find a groove. After, I got the title from him, all the good connection fighters began fighting each other and most of us chose not to face Ali again. haha This is the period when I first discovered ring rivalries with Mike Tyson, Ashton, Larry Holmes, Greg Haugen, and MAB.

    2002 (OBv1)(Sal) - Larry Holmes (Unified Champion X1), Ashton, Mike Tyson, Salvador Sanchez (Unified Champion X4). Greg Haugen and Street Bully were also elite fighters, but not as consistent as the top 4. During this time, we had a ton of players, very likely the most we've ever had. I don't think I'm exagerrating when I say I believe we had a good 30-50 different players on at peak times. Cassius Clay (hailing from England) promoted several successful tournaments on behalf of the company he worked for, Lonsdale if I'm not mistaken. The top 4 were very evenly matched with many of us having dominant stretches. At one point, I went on a very long run with the one title. This was very difficult to do considering the opposition at the top. Other fighters who shared good success were MAB and Greg Haugen. After that, the competition dropped off. No one could really touch us.

    2003 (OBv1)(Sal) - Labratory (Unified Champion X1), Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Salvador Sanchez, MAB. This was the rise of Labratory. He completely began owning all the competition. He had some combinations never seen before. The kid was just on another level. Playing him was like playing someone using turbo. He became nearly unbeatable at one point. What's most impressive is that he started off as a total punching bag for a good year or so. It was unbelievable when a fighter many of us owned for so long all of a sudden morphed into a freak prodigy before our very eyes.

    2004 (OBv2)(Sal) - HTF (Unified Champion X4), Larry Holmes, Labratory, Jermain Taylor, Salvador Sanchez aka Happy Killmore, MAB, Unstoppable (Unified Champion X2). Many of OBv1s stars did not like the new OBv2 version so they stopped playing. I was one of the players that decided to take a break. I don't quite recall if there was a dominant player this year, but that wouldn't shock me considering the switch to OBv2. Perhaps Larry or HTF can clarify if there was a dominant force this year. I wasn't around long enough this particular year to know for sure. I vaguely recall that the titles were passed around a lot between myself (Happy Killmore), Larry Holmes, HTF, Labratory, MAB, Unstoppable, and Jermain Taylor. HTF slowly began separating himself from the pack towards the end of the year.

    2005 (OBv2)(Sal) - HTF, Larry Holmes, Unstoppable, MAB, Jermain Taylor, sugarray (Unified Champion X1), Salvador Sanchez aka Happy Killmore. I tried to dabble a bit this year and managed to unify all the titles although it was hardly easy. HTF was the clear cut dominant champ for most of the year.

    2006 (OBv2)(Sal) - HTF, Larry Holmes, Unstoppable, Labratory, MAB, Salvador Sanchez aka Happy Killmore, Tyrant, sugarray, Jermain Taylor, USA, Vargas (Unified Champion X1), Mike Tyson, Fatny (Unified Champion X1). Fatny rose towards the end of the last few months. I didn't play too much this year, but when I did, I discovered HTF was still The Man.

    2007 (OBv2)(Sal) - Fatny, HTF, Larry Holmes, Nigel Benn (Unified Champion X1), Vargas, Black Bear, One Dope Mexican, Squeezed Head, Fernando Vargas, Boxa, USA, Rocky Marciano, Tigeruppercut, Flash, Tyrant, Red Viper, Mike Tyson, X-treme Skillz, Sugar Ray Robinson (aka Salvador Sanchez), Reaper. I played for a few months this year, and was extremely impressed with the competition. Sure, I was rusty, but many of these guys proved themselves to be excellent boxers. There was a lot of back and forth battling with skills displayed at a very high level. I didn't play long enough this year to be considered a consistent top 5er for the year. A few guys (Black Bear, Nigel Benn, Vargas, Rocky Marciano, Squeezed Head, One Dope Mexican, X-treme Skillz) displayed great potential this year. I regret not having played more this year. A handful of very talented players, but how many of them were multiple alts?

    2008 (OBv2)(Sal) - Fatny, Salvador Sanchez, Fernando Vargas, Rocky Marciano, Nigel Benn, Red Viper, X-treme Skillz, Captain America, Dirk Diggler, Boxa, Chopper81, Goldenboy, John). It's weird. If you go through the forum, you'll see that not many top 10 lists were posted this year. There were also many posts regarding OB being down a lot. Perhaps this is the reason a lot of players stop playing. Well that and the fact that no one could touch Fatny. I made a comeback in late 2008 and took over after Fatny took off on his trip. Before I left, I could see who had the potential to take over, and little John and Red Viper were two of the main fighters I saw with great potential.

    2009 (OBv2)(Sal) - Fatny, John, Nigel Benn, Fernando Vargas, Red Viper. Apparently, after I retired again, Fatny returned and ruled the majority of 2009 until John took over in late 2009 after Mikkel updated the game once again. This is basically where we are at now. I can't believe I was away the entire year. The year went by so damn quick. I turned all my free time to boxing and poker. Perhaps a comeback is in order for 2010? We shall see.

    2010 (OBv2)(John) - John, Fatny, Fernando Vargas, Dick E. Boon, Captain America, TRPCHE, Unstoppable. During this time I had pretty much dominated this year. Facing mostly Boon, CA, Sniper, Popeye, Vargas. Near the end of my domination Fatny came back and he gave me some of the hardest fights ever. Fighting Fatny was like fighting myself but with better D. Unstoppable came back shortly after Fatny and we had some tough fights as well. January 2010 OB was discontinued for a good 4 months intil Mikkel decided to bring it back in May. I was inducted into the HOF on July 17.

    2011 (OBv2)(John) - Fatny, Unstoppable, John, Dick E. Boon, A Punching Bag, TRPCHE, The Sniper, Yacoob. Online Boxing's 10th year anniversary. I haven't played a whole lot this year but All I have seen was Unstop and Fatny dominating this whole time. I did see Boon and A Punching bag have the title for a brief moment. Mikkel brought back the OBC and OBA titles in October. The year is almost over and some things can happen. Maybe Singleplayer will make a come back. Maybe the OBW title will be brought back for the ones who wanted to become superchamp. Maybe someone will be inducted to the HOF. Who knows what can happen.

    2012 (OBv2)(John) - Dick E. Boon, The Crank 2, Pink Avenger, Yacoob, Chopper81. I havent been fighting much but I have been spectating and Boon was kicking some anus for a while. The Crank 2 and Pink Avenger has been winning the title was well. Chopper81 came back to fight and hopefully win some more titles. Spammers and freeze problems have been messing up the game and keeping players from coming back again. Hopefully all of these annoyances will be solved so then the fights can continue.

    2013 (OBv2)(John) - John, Nigel Benn, Fatny, Black Bear, Rocky Marciano Jr, Phenom(CA), The Crank 2, Popeye, NVTT, Reaper. Mikkel fixed the game but it was too late, the original daily fighters left, but new daily fighters came in and stepped to the plate. Nigel Benn, Reaper, Edder, The Crank 2, Black Bear, and I came back to fight some more and get this game going again. The more people that came back the better. I had a feeling that something big would happen in this game. And it turns out I was right. Nigel Benn was inducted into the HOF on July 18th. I became the Undisputed Champion twice making that 4 times in my career. And I became one of the few fighters to go over 100 win streak twice.

  • Oh god John. Give it a break mate lol. "John, Fatny, Fernando Vargas, Dick E. Boon, Captain America, TRPCHE, Unstoppable. During this time I had pretty much dominated this year. Facing mostly Boon, CA, Sniper, Popeye, Vargas." You cant put dominated this year and put players like boon, vargas , popeye in the same sentence. They were below average players dude.
    2007 was probably one of the best years anything above that is hit or miss.
    Not sure what the point is of this timeline?

  • Shut up, i'm tired of reading you're bullshit. You always got something to say about the shit that i've done in the past, and i'm tired of it. Stop living in the past. 07 was a great fun time when i was 12, but you act like my skill level is still the same from 07, so get the fuck out of here with that shit. You act like people don't get better over time. Hell you and several others are the reason nobody comes back to this game you narcissistic fuck. You got something to say over the internet then say it.

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    Hehe nice to see the forum returning to its old form

  • @admin Oh Mikkel lol. We'll see in time.

  • Hi John,

    nice post- the usernames written there bring back some fun memories. 2007 was a fun year indeed. A tough year too, as I couldn't quite get my playing to the next level.

    I remember the top standard of 2007 as;

    Top level - Fatny and Larry Holmes

    Second Level - Mike Tyson, Nigel Benn, Rocky Marciano, Squeezed Head, Skillz, Salvador Sanchez, Vargas

    Third Level- Black bear, Boxa, Red Viper, Tigeruppercut, USA

  • @King-John Just called you out king john lets fight! time to settle this

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    @kingJohn you must defend or get stripped.

  • @admin Yeah its been over a month. Does he have to defend all titles? OBA,OBC and OBF?

  • @admin I agree mikkel strip him!

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