Faker for HOF?

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  • @Reaper Who are you talking to? When someone's status is [CLEAR] it means they aren't even connected to the server. You tried many times to get a win from me and when you finally did it you ran straight for the woods. Back up your words and stop ducking me

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    You tried 7 times. Got one lucky win and made a run for it. You said you had no time for a rematch but fought Sniper immediately after.

  • UPDATE: Make that 1 out of 9 times, yet you have the audacity to make those statements.

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  • @thesniper
    I agree with Sniper. I feel that Faker is on the right track for sure. Definitely have improved over the years and he's really needing more fighters to play consistently. Each era has their own level of competition and activity, and these late few years have simply the least amount of comp and activity than any other era in the history of OB. It's unfortunate, but not much you can do when the game doesn't receive much attention that it definitely deserves in my opinion.

    I do think he needs to prove that he can defeat multiple motivated top and semi-top fighters. I don't believe i would have ever got in if i wasn't able to consistently fight the top players during my stretch. So if we can get people back into it, bring back those who would still want to fight, and try to bring this game back together and maintain it, that will definitely accelerate his process for HOF status.

    Regarding who he loses to, I don't care how many title losses you get each day. I don't care how you lose the title. What matters to me is if you can hold the title honorably at the end of the day consistently. Everybody is able to get into their groove or their "zone" and be able to win the match, but being able to consistently hold that title day in day out while fighting everybody is i feel what matters the most. Winning titles by lucky KO and running away doesn't help your case.

    In summation, i will have to say no for now, but he's on the right track just like many fighters who have tried. I would like to see other fighters besides Sniper, Reaper, Toosmooth, and Toosmooth's multiple alts to be motivated enough to stick around and do their best to go for the HOF and to challenge Faker.

  • Dam john still around

  • @Reaper Yeah still alive for now

  • hall of fame for what? for beating the 2 or 3 newbie players that play once a month? yall kidding right?

  • @coward-fighter You get 1 win out of 9 fights Yacoob, you ran - didn't give an immediate rematch - got beat and then logged out completely. I knew if I let 1 win slip you'd start talking shit, but it's typical. Gotta beat you D level fighters consistently or you won't shut up. You only have speed that you've been practising for what 15+ years? You get 1 win and oh suddenly you have a voice? Shut the fuck up. Mikkel give this guy back his account so I can fucking make his win-rate negative.

  • i see a lot of fakers here.

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