• @HTF write a date and time and i'll try to catch you, I've been quite busy lately and no one seems to be on when I check, I always just see 'Player has went online' to 'Player has went offline' lol

  • no one is ever online.

  • I was on earlier today. And on several days before. But you right nobody online much.

  • Well what time zone u in King John?, King James,and now King John haha.

  • @HTF I am EST, but i don't know when everybody gets on. Just hit and miss at this point. I am online now though if you want to get some fights in.

  • Ive been on but the lag on the server is so bad it literally takes 60 seconds for a 10 second period. Absolutely unplayable. And we wonder why no one wants to play anymore. John and I could barely fight. and toosmooth's lag is as bad as it gets

  • I am on right now. about to log off... I plan on vacating if I cant find people during the time I get on. I see a couple people but they seem to be idling.

  • @thesniper I only fought you that one night. There was no lag and it was fast...But whats odd is after that night I have had hit and miss with mostly lag connections. I am wondering if instead of having a East Coast server couldn't we get one in the MID? Maybe ill ask Mikkel

  • @HTF
    The location is fine, but i think the server is either not strong enough or the game has some bugs that Mikkel can fix when he has the time to do so. I had no problems with anyone but Toosmooth up until the latest update for viewing fights. What do you think? @Mikkel

  • And it's not like the server has to be really strong. Mikkel said this game is mere megebytes, but that's really all i can think.

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