Strip Reaper

  • @admin @Mikkel
    Very inactive and hasn't defended his belt

  • He is stripped

  • lol dude i only had 1 week out and i tried to fight you a few times

  • So he only had the title 9 days and on the request of faker you strip him?? There needs to be a rule of thumb or some kind of unwritten rule like we had in the old days. Just saying.

  • @HTF I think 9 days is pretty I remember it, 3 days use to be the limit. Edit: just looked it up, the rule was 8 the strip is still legit.

  • @HTF I mean remember that's on the request of yourself, since I am you replying to myself right now. But i'm down for @Reaper to come and fight for a titile. He's definitely a top contender right now. He just rarely comes on... I mean when I had the OBA title I wanted to defend it against HTF and John. Right now John doesn't want to compete for whatever reason. He probably doesn't see anyone online that's on his level and he's very right to think so. The only way I see John coming back and being active is if Fatny shows up. But yeah @Reaper come on and claim what you think is yours.

  • @Faker John doesnt come online because he lags... simple. He also thinks its unfair the server is out of Europe now lol

  • I come on around the same time every night and i have only seen John a couple of times. Actually ive only seen the same 3 people on each time. I am glad to see people online but it is still very slow. So unless we are defending against the same fighters over and over there is a lot of mixing up. I should be online tonight to defend. I really should not be going for titles at the moment as I can't promise to be active.

  • @Reaper Servers are in New York so i now have 30ms ping. So yeah no more lag. You had a better chance at beating me with the 130 ping. Don't speak for me woman.

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