Its over :/

  • Reaper finally gave me credit, I was waiting for a long time. We had our battles but finally I achieved it.
    alt text

    alt text

    He's right too bad this game isnt as active anymore i cant really showcase my skills but once I came back i put in alot of effort to get better hopefully it isnt a waste. Hopefully this game can grow so it wont be a waste, but I may go on a temporaily retirement soon do to my busy life.

  • @itzcrank ok you geek calm down lol

  • You lost again crank lol. You cant be consistent because your style of boxing wont allow it. I think if you improved your boxing you would be a lot better than you are now and you would not lose. @itzcrank

    On the flip side you would become more predictable and you would struggle a little bit more than you do now with good boxers.

  • The behavior by the last few has been the demise of this game. Spending more time on the forums complaining (to the 3 players left) and holding on to titles, hiding behind alt names and avoiding real fights. With a game that has lost it's players, we didn't have time for this, and this behavior has put the nail in the coffin. You guys have no one to blame but yourselves. I would say Crank has consistently given shots and fought everyone. He was the last real champ.

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