January Top 10 (2021)

  • This list is strictly based on the month "January" and is mostly decided based on H2H, dominance, overall combined performance against everyone and also your defences & title wins against top opposition. This list is unbiased and treats everyone who fought in "January" equally. (Players who have limited fights in "January" make the list based on volume of fights, title wins & title defenses) i.e. if you fought a handful of times in January but were able to beat top opposition and/or win/defend a title. You will definitely make the list.

    1. The Crank 2 (+25)

    2. Faker (+18)

    3. Reaper (+15)

    4. Ocelotl (Mad Skillz) (+12)

    5. NVTT (+10)

    6. Ken Norton (+8)

    7. The Sniper(+6)

    8. John (+4)

    9. Anthony Davis (Black Bear) (+2)

    10. Shrtngr8 (+1)

    Honorable Mentions that I believe will make lists in later months:
    OscillationGod02 (AKA the real tomato rojo)

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  • Lmao get me off there you bum lol

  • Yo reaper I won the OBF title today but I lost in my defense @Reaper

  • @AsymptoteTomato1 Nice man lol.

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